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Alex Schneider

Alex Schneider was the Editor in Chief of The Brandeis Hoot during 2011 and can be reached at




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    Alex Schneider

    The challenges of turnover on college campuses

    This week, I returned to Harding Avenue in Waltham. My last visit was in September, and the scene then was very different. The road had been blocked by police tape, and police lights had lit the area. Reporters and neighbors had gathered, astonished to learn of a triple-homicide committed on the usually quiet block. You […]

    ‘We will remember them’: a story of World War II

    Samuel Edward “Eddie” Hatch—my grandfather—has lived a long time, 86 years. None was as pivotal in the story of his life as the year 1944. It is a story my family knows well. Teddy Booras, his best friend and army “buddy,” switched tasks with my grandfather and offered to clean their barracks at Sloane Court […]

    Hanging up on a free cruise: the emotional toll of doing the right thing

    It isn’t easy to hang up when a telemarketer offers you a free cruise. But you’ll be happy you did. This past week, I received a call from 503-468-5198. I rarely pick up when I don’t know who’s on the other line, but I was at Hannaford Supermarket grabbing a few items, I was bored […]

    End reliance on surveys

    They told us the Wabash survey was just an informal questionnaire, but it sure looked like an SAT exam. Thankfully, it only lasted one hour. The Wabash survey was given to the incoming class of 2012 when we were first-years and then again last month with commencement on the horizon. Admittedly, my sole motivation for […]

    Touring Campus as a Graduating Senior

    I first toured Brandeis in the fall of 2006. It was about time to take the tour again. But there’s no doubt about it: Touring campus was far more rewarding the second time. This time I was prepared. I’d sat in on a few too many classes, met some nice professors and stayed overnight in […]

    Brandeis singled out in new MBTA Advisory Board plan

    Under a new “third” plan released Wednesday to bridge the MBTA’s budget gap and prevent service cuts, Brandeis students could be forced to dish out an annual $10 commuter rail fee while the university would be asked to make a payment of $50,000 to keep its name on the Brandeis/Roberts station. The three-member MBTA Advisory […]

    In closing student newspaper, school abandons principles of journalism

    If administrators have their way, volume 51 will be the last for my high school’s newspaper. Plans are underway to shutter Denebola, the paper that has informed members of the Newton South High School community in Newton, Mass., since the school first opened in 1960. The plan comes on the heels of the decision across […]

    In fundraising capital, a purpose-driven bookstore

    BOCA RATON, Fla. – Palm trees line the streets of wealth here but at the edge of a nondescript strip mall is a bookstore bearing Brandeis University’s name. Visitors won’t find typical Boca shopping of $5 Starbucks lattes or Elizabeth Arden pocketbooks. Instead, hidden in this Jewish retirement capital, John Grishams, Clinton biographies and Shakespeare […]

    Fundraising style shifted with Brandeis presidential transition

    BOCA RATON, Fla. – Overlooking the fairway greens and still water ponds that make up senior citizen paradise at Boca Greens Country Club here, at 86 years old Rosalind Schacknow remembers vividly the day when the Brandeis library received the millionth book in her time as president of the National Committee’s Boca Raton chapter. “When […]

    Proposed MBTA cuts threaten Brandeis access to Boston

    MBTA fare hikes and service reductions announced earlier this month would eliminate Fitchburg commuter rail service from Brandeis on weekends and after 10 p.m. on weekdays while increasing fares by as much as $2.25 per ride. The cuts would leave the free Boston/Cambridge Shuttle Service—which runs strictly when classes are in session—as the only campus-accessible […]