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    Ariel Wittenberg

    Learning history beyond the campus bubble

    On Jan. 5, 2013, I woke up early and read Chapter 83 of Moby Dick out loud at 4:10 a.m. to a handful of people gathered in the lobby of the New Bedford Whaling Museum for the 17th annual Moby Dick Marathon. The Marathon is a 24-hour affair where volunteers from across the globe come […]

    Communication to alumni lacking in aftermath of suicide

    Graduating from Brandeis is really difficult, especially if you loved your college years as much as my close friends and I did. I graduated a year and a half ago, and since then, many of my peers and I have had to struggle with the unique dilemma of what to do now that the most […]

    Shades of Gray: The Mosaic: the reality of race in social life

    The Mosaic: the reality of race in social life

    ‘Shades of Gray’ in-focus: a journalist’s notebook

    Omoefe, Supreetha and I were sitting in the office of a senior administrator at Brandeis in order to interview him for this series. It just so happened that, between the three of us, we brought three different racial identities to the table: white, Indian and Nigerian-American. “How would you characterize Brandeis as a racially diverse […]

    Shades of Gray: The Architects: Pedagogy and race at Brandeis

    Professor Mingus Mapps (AAAS, POL) has been teaching race and politics at Brandeis for the past four years. As one out of the handful of African-American professors at Brandeis, Mapps points out, “I’m really lucky in a lot of ways because I teach at the intersection of race and politics, so I get a lot […]

    SEA camps out, promotes environment

    Students made a statement about the overuse of electricity and advocated for Brandeis to work to use more sustainable energy sources Wednesday evening at the third annual sleepout on the great lawn, hosted by the waste and energy management subcommittee of Students for Environmental Action. The sleep out represents one of many attempts by students […]

    Shades of Gray: The gatekeepers, admitting racial diversity

    In March of 2006, the University Diversity Committee created an addition to Brandeis’ original mission statement to promote the importance of diversifying the student body. The “diversity statement,” now featured under the mission statement on the university website, reads, “[Brandeis University] seeks to build an academic community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds and life […]

    A host for all: Brandeis’ unique racial history

    This article is the first part in a series exploring how issues of race affect Brandeis University on multiple levels. Each week The Hoot will publish an article detailing one aspect of how race influences the university, including but not limited to admissions, academics and social life. The product of two months of interviews, archival […]

    Top Obama adviser addresses citizenship

    Director of President Barack Obama’s Domestic Policy Council Melody Barnes spoke about the importance of service and being an engaged citizen at Brandeis University Wednesday. “Citizenship, in my opinion, is a verb,” Barnes said to an audience of 200 in Levin Ballroom, advocating that citizens should play an active role in their communities. In a […]

    Brandeis Alumnus to start season with Houston Astros

    According to the Houston Astros’ website, Brandeis alumnus Nelson Figueroa ’98 will be in the starting lineup of the team this season, securing the final spot behind right-hander Brett Myers, left-handers J.A. Happ and Wandy Rodrigues, and right-hander Bud Norris. “It’s the first time I think I’ve been called in the office for a good […]