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Brandeis beats Babson Beavers in this week’s tennis matches

Published: March 25, 2011
Section: Sports

Photo by Paula Hoekstra/The Hoot

This past week both the men’s and the women’s tennis teams went 9-0 in their matches against Babson College. Both teams are also ranked 30th nationally among Division III tennis teams. With the wins the men’s team improved to a 7-4 record while the women’s team rose to 7-3.

The men’s team started off strong on Tuesday with a 3-0 showing in doubles action. Starting off with Nick White ’11 and Simon Miller ’11, a pair ranked fifth in New England, started off strong with an 8-4 showing against a pair of Babson sophomores. The Judges’ own, Dave Yovanoff ’13 and Steven Milo ’13 had more success along with the pair of Ezra Bernstein ’11 and Josh Jordan ’13, all of whom won their matches to finish doubles play with an unblemished record.

In singles games Miller won his matches against Babson’s Mitchell Henry winning by at least four points in each round. White also had a nearly perfect match, going 6-0 and 6-1 in his match. Milo fought hard in two one point matches, going 6-7 in his first but coming back for a 7-6 victory and a 10-6 win in the tie-breaker. Steven Neiman ’11 finished off singles matches with two 6-3 sets to close out the day.

The men’s Judges next play will be on April 2, after what Steven Milo called “a much needed” break.

The women’s team took to the court on Wednesday to show Babson just why they were ranked 10th in the region.

The doubles pairs of Rachel Rosman ’11 and Faith Broderick ’13 started off the sets with an 8-4 win. Nina Levine ’12 along with Mackenzie Gallegos ’11 earned the Judges’ largest doubles victory with a 8-2 rout of the opposing Babson Beavers. Marissa Lazar ’14 and Allyson Bernstein ’14 closed out doubles with a win of their own.

In singles, Rosman led the Judges to two wins over opponent Sarah Whitaker. Rosman, who is also ranked 11th in the region, set the standard for the rest of the team to follow. Broderick, ranked 23rd, followed suit defeating Babson senior Monica Mercer. Alexa Katz ’14 and and Roberta Bergstein ’14 closed out singles with two wins apiece.

The women’s team plays next on Saturday when they travel to New York to take on UAA rival NYU.