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April 2012 Issue

Breaking the silence around mental illness and suicide

August 31, 2010, was one of the most frightening nights of my life. When my roommate, Lily Nagy-Deak, left our suite, I had no idea that a few hours later we would receive frantic phone calls from her friends that something was wrong. Did we know where Lily was? Soon thereafter, there was a loud […]

Activists hold ‘teach-in’ to educate about Occupy movement

Students for a Democratic Society joined with their peers in a group led by Professor Gordon Fellman (SOC) hosted a teach-in in the Shapiro Campus Center atrium on Tuesday. This teach-in incorporated a series of speakers as part of the group’s Occupy Brandeis Spring Week. Fellman’s team spent six weeks organizing the teach-in. The idea […]

Bernstein Festival opens with yarn and music

The campus and lamp posts around the SCC have been yarn-bombed with vibrant multi colored knit for the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts. Kinetic sculpture pieces have been put up within the student center itself. More observant community members may have even noticed sophomore Sarah Bierman’s tiny copper people hanging out in trees […]

Kirkland ’13 takes presidency

Todd Kirkland ’13 was elected Student Union president last Friday, edging out Dillon Harvey ’14 by a narrow margin of less than 100 votes. This is the first year in many that the race has been so close, due both to low voter turnout, 32.85 percent, down from 44 percent last year and 50 percent […]

Alleged rape case at Brandeis casts doubts on assault policy effectiveness

Alleging she was raped by a Heller School student at their off-campus apartment nearly a dozen times from October 2010 through January 2011, an undergraduate student now on medical leave said the university cared more about closing the case than listening to her story and protecting her safety.

Attitude change needed for defunct sexual assault policy

Sexual assault on college campuses rarely makes the news. There’s no wonder as to why: Cases are often difficult to prove and many aren’t even reported. When assaults are reported, they often devolve into a he-said, she-said back-and-forth. That doesn’t mean sexual assault isn’t happening. When it does, we must pay attention. In this case, […]

24-hour Improvathon worth the all-nighter

Working at Chum’s, one gets to see a lot of shows, plays, performed poems, stand-up routines and bands of all stripes. Once, a band I saw on shift had packed the entire house and proceeded with some of the worst metallic rubbish I have ever heard, quickly emptying the place and greatly decreasing my workload […]

The Katzwer’s Out of the Bag: High time for the Olympics to honor murdered Israeli athletes

The Olympic Games have served since the late 1800s as a meeting ground for countries, a place where they can put aside conflict, differences and all the other things that drive wedges between nations. Rather than use the competition at the Olympics as an excuse for hatred and intolerance, the athletes, coaches, trainers and so […]

Women’s tennis finishes successful regular season on a low note

This past week the 20th-ranked women’s tennis team completed the regular season, dropping the final two matches. The first match came against 19th-ranked Wellesley University. In a hard-fought match on both sides, Wellesley came out ahead, snapping the Judges’ three-game winning streak. In No. 1 doubles, Carley Cooke ’15 and Faith Broderick ’13 earned the […]

Hillel Election Results Announced

After more than a day of voting that was open to the entire study body, regardless of religious affiliation, Allie Saran ’13 was elected president of the Hillel Executive Student Board. The new campus relations coordinator Maddie Crilly ’13 and the social events and culture coordinator Ilana Pomerantz ’13 are also both members of rising […]