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January 2008 Issue

Senator Carl Levin speaks in honor of MLK Day

U.S. Senator Carl Levin, Michigan Democrat and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was the keynote speaker during Brandeis’s Martin Luther King Day celebration on, Jan. 21. Charles Radin, Brandeis’s Director of Communications Operations and the moderator of the event, explained why Senator Levin was asked to attend. “We wanted to have, during an […]

Study abroad under investigation by NY Attorney General

Brandeis University has received a subpoena from the New York Attorney General in a study abroad investigation, Dennis Nealson, Brandeis Director of Media Affairs, confirmed in an e-mail to The Hoot. Director of Study Abroad Scott Van Der Meid also confirmed the subpoena. “Brandeis University has received a subpoena and the university lawyers are evaluating […]

Civil liberties group defends Hindley

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit civil liberties group, issued a press release Wednesday in defense of Prof. Donald Hindley (POL). Hindley had a monitor placed in his classroom and was ordered by Provost Marty Krauss to take “anti-discrimination training” after allegedly making “inappropriate, racial, and discriminatory” statements. “As Justice Brandeis said, […]

Union Senate defeats flag display resolution

A resolution put forth by Ziv quad Senator Justin Sulsky ’09 supporting the public display of American flags as long as Rights and Responsibilities is not violated was defeated at Sunday’s Union meeting by a vote of 13 to two, according to Union minutes. The resolution garnered only the support of Sulsky and Senator-at-Large Andrew […]

An eye on campus safety

Following the Virginia Tech shootings last April, administrators have begun to consider additional security protocols to increase campus safety. “I believe in three P’s,” said Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan: “Proactive, prepared, and here to protect the community.” To help promote on-campus safety, Callahan said, Public Safety meets representatives from Student Life, Residence Life, […]

Editorial: Flag resolution has no pole to fly on

The debate over the recent rejection of a proposed resolution, which would have promoted the public display of the American flag on campus, reflects the Union Senate’s occasional inability to properly represent the interests of the student body. The resolution, which was written by Ziv Quad Senator Justin Sulsky ‘09, simply summarizes the events that […]

Letter to the Editor: The Gold Standard (Dec. 7)

Dear Editor, In his article “The Gold Standard: Spectral Evidence: the race weapon,” (Dec. 7) Mike Goldman ‘08 has ignored many crucial yet commonly understood rules of journalism and in doing so has unfairly attacked the credibility of Students Organized Against Racism. We are writing to remind Mr. Goldman of the standards he failed to […]

Politics Roundtable: The 2008 Election

The 2008 presidential election featuring columnists Bret Matthew and Jon Lange. Edited by Andy Meyers.

Book of Matthew: Don’t walk on the Constitution

The problem with election season is that everyone is focusing on the presidential candidates, while ignoring the present administration. This is not a good time for that to happen, because President Bush has been quite ambitious in the last year of his presidency. And yes, we should be wary of that ambition. We have known […]

Fighting with Pinpricks: Media and war crimes

For the most part, war crimes have never been of much interest to our media. Nazi war crimes—the gold standard of human cruelty—went largely unreported until after the last days of the Second World War. News of the Srebrenica massacre in 1995 had to battle for column inches against the murder trial of an erstwhile […]