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May 2008 Issue

The Brandeis Watch: Rollover fund results

With Andy Meyers, Jordan Rothman, Max Shay, Adam Hughes.

The Hoot Report: Pennsylvania Primary, Gas Tax, Healthcare

With Adam Hughes, Jon Lange, Zach Aranow, Bret Matthew.

Sports Blitz: NHL, NBA Playoffs

With Andy Meyers, Adam Hughs, Pat Garofalo, Zachary Aranow.

Tech Talk: Violent Videogames, Apple Updates

Hosted by Max Shay and Ben Douglas. Edited by Max Shay

Union Judiciary accepts suit against Chief of Elections

Following April’s Senator-at-Large elections, the Union Judiciary accepted a suit from former Senator-at-Large Andrew Brooks ’09 against former Union Secretary and Chief of Elections Nelson Rutrick ‘09. During an interview with The Hoot, Brooks alleged that Rutrick “was not enforcing the rules” regarding libel, slander, and campaign requirements. According to Rutrick, the rules for libel […]

Student body votes to support Student Bill of Rights

In a campus-wide vote Wednesday, the student body voted to support the Student Bill of Rights. Approximately 90% of voting students voted in favor of the document. The Student Bill of Rights, spearheaded by Union President Jason Gray ’10, was compiled by a student committee this semester. “The vote was to determine the will of […]

Weight room to receive rollover funds

In a vote concerning Student Union finances, the student body voted to spend rollover funding on updating the Gosman weight room and to approve changes to the Union Constitution. According to the proposal written by the weight room committee of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the weight room’s current equipment is outdated and in disrepair. The […]

Changes follow Einstein Inspection

A supposed failed inspection of Einstein Bros. Bagels has caused the coffee and bagel shop to make several behind the counter changes. The changes, that may go unnoticed by most customers, have drawn complaints from employees. All Einstein employees were sent an e-mail on April 25 from manager George Kallis stating, “Effective Monday, April 28th, […]

Nuanced rules needed for complex campaigns

The efficiency of the Union Judiciary will be tested this Saturday when it hears the suit of Senator-at-Large Andrew Brooks ’09 against Chief of Elections Nelson Rutrick ’09 for his alleged failure to enforce campaign requirements and rules regarding libel and slander. Even though Noam Shuster ’11 and Brook’s co-campaigner Justin Sulsky ’09 were the […]

Book of Matthew: Go ahead, raise my taxes

Perhaps my title shocked you. I admit, normally, I would not be calling for the government to do something like this. Normally, I would love for everyone to have low taxes. However, we are not facing normal circumstances. Whether you like it or not, the country needs money. The national debt is over $9 trillion. […]