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March 2009 Issue

Bromantic comedy hits home

Males from the age of eighteen to twenty-four do not exactly comprise the hardest demographic to satisfy when it comes to movies. We don’t ask for much. Whether it is an action movie filled with explosions or a comedy loaded with bathroom humor, our group as a whole knows what we like. We (I use […]

Shut out sophomores find housing

A miscalculation of housing distribution needs, and not a lack of housing, is to blame for the six rising sophomores originally left without housing after their housing lottery last Thursday night, Co-director of Residence Life Jeremy Leiferman said. According to Leiferman, every year the Department of Residence Life calculates the number of rooms to set […]

Senators question politics of Union presidential race

A series of meetings between Student Union President Jason Gray ’10 and students considering running for Student Union President, which resulted in the students deciding not to run, have raised questions among Union senators about whether Gray is attempting to sway the election in favor of Executive Director of Community Advocacy Andy Hogan ’11. Candidates […]

SEA shaves for the environment

A bearded David Azer ’11 sat on a lone chair on the Chum’s stage. His hands were on his knees as he prepared himself for the fate that lay ahead of him. Azer, who had left his facial hair untrimmed or shaved since the beginning of September, was about to meet his maker—an electric razor […]

Senate to consider bypassing UJ decision with by-law amendment

The Student Union Senate is considering an amendment to its bylaws that would change the way it can allocate money. The amendment, which was proposed by Senators Lev Hirschhorn ’11, Aaron Mitchell Finegold ’09, Alex Melman ’11, Nathan Robinson ’11, Amanda Hecker ’10, and Alex Norris ’11, comes less than two weeks after the Union […]

University Democrats to hold Massechusetts conference

This year, the Brandeis Democrats will play host the annual College Democrats of Massachusetts (CDMa) Convention. The three day long convention will be held Apr. 3 through Apr. 5 and is open to any registered collegiate Democrat club. Past conventions have been held at Tufts and Boston College. The Brandeis Democrats decided to apply to […]

Editorial: Living up to our ideals

In less than a week, the student body will vote for its new group of Union leaders. Over the coming days, eager and ambitious young people will knock on our doors, post flyers in our bathrooms, and e-mail our club leaders for endorsements in an effort to win our votes. The student body at large […]

Editorial: Making peace with a ruling

Sunday, the Student Union will return to a proposed amendment considered at last week’s meeting. The amendment, proposed in the wake of the most recent Union Judiciary decision overturning a Senate Money Resolution that would help fund a visit by Bill Ayers, intends to change a constitutional by-law limiting the way in which the Senate […]