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Archive for 2012

Drolette to step down at end of year

At the end of the calendar year, Fran Drolette will step down from her role as senior vice president and chief financial officer, Steven Manos announced in an email last week. Marianne Cwalina, the current Associate Vice President of Budget and Finance will assume the role on Jan. 1. This change in personnel was communicated […]

Commission the corgis and bring in the beagles

We apologize in advance if we do not continue to write next semester, but instead apply to transfer to Emory University. While we have a great amount of respect for our colleagues at the Emory Wheel, a weekly student-run newspaper, it is not for them that we transfer. It is not because of a particular […]

Editorial: More efficient options than expanding Einstein’s

Brandeis Operations announced this week that Einsteins would be open 24-7 Monday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. Friday. To our fellow students, and admittedly several members of this editorial board, the news was welcomed. It is heartening to think the university is trying to better accommodate the needs of students, who invest a lot […]

Don’t debate the debate

I saw a Facebook event for a lecture titled “Brandeis v. Yale Public Debate: Should Israel Assassinate Iranian Nuclear Scientists?” Upon seeing the invitation, I honestly thought little of it. Being on the debate circuit, you become somewhat desensitized as you are exposed to so many different ideas. After two and a half years debating, […]

The cycle of finals

Sometimes finals go better than expected. Sometimes they remind us that classes can be torture. Sometimes they appear in the form of papers due during finals period and sometimes they are papers due before classes even finish. I’m not about to complain about homework—I’ve already done that—and plenty of other writers have written columns about […]

Alternatives to DCL

When housing selection rolls along, a few lucky participants will receive great numbers. These low numbers earn them selection among the best housing on campus, which is generally agreed upon as Ridgewood suites for upperclassmen: there is air conditioning and new modern architecture. Life at Brandeis is good. If your friends are lucky, you will […]

Long live the queens

Without a trace of doubt, you have heard that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. The news that the wife of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson is carrying within her the future head of state of the Commonwealth nonetheless dazzled many. Here in America, where we once fought a bloody war to avoid a role as […]

Coven named DIII Coach of the Year

The National Soccer Coaches Association of America has selected men’s soccer coach Mike Coven as the 2012 New England Division III Coach of the Year. Earlier this year, Coven was also named the UAA Coach of the Year for the second time in his 40-year career. Coven guided the team to a regular season record […]

Men’s basketball runs winning streak to six games

The Judges continued their recent success this past week, destroying their opponents by an average of 17.3 points per game in their wins over Becker College, Lasell College and Massachusetts College of the Liberal Arts (MCLA). With the wins, the Judges improve to 7-1 on the season. Their lone loss coming in the first game […]

Women’s basketball breaks three-game losing streak

Bringing their overall record to 3-4, the women’s basketball team split their past two games against Daniel Webster College and UMass Dartmouth. The win against Daniel Webster last Saturday relieved the Judges of a three-game losing streak and the match-up against UMass Dartmouth on Monday was so closely contested that it ended in a 50-49 […]