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September 2007 Issue

Coach Belichick’s disgrace

Forget about the monetary fine, although it is a very substantial amount. Forget about the loss of a first-round draft pick, even though it is the first time that the NFL has levied such punishment. The aftermath of the camera incident is about one word, which will now forever be attached to the legacy of Bill Belichick.

Strange but True

When tattle- tale leads to jail
A Seattle man almost escaped authorities after being suspected of drug possession. He had been found near the Canadian border more than once with GPS points matching those of a well-known drug smuggling trail, not to mention thousands of dollars of cash, but was released after refusing to divulge any information. His luck ended when he later called Federal Agents to inquire if they had found a missing stash of cocaine. The cocaine was found shortly afterwards and the man was charged with possession and intent to distribute.

A look behind the scenes of the Brandeis Escort Service

Youve seen them around campus in those blue polo shirts and hoodies;

mostly youve probably seen people flagging them down in order to catch a ride, but who are the people behind Brandeis Escort Service?

Alone does not mean loner

I stand in the line at Usdan during the bustling Saturday Brunch. The buzz of students fills the room with a dull cacophony as I struggle to keep the food in my hands without using a tray. As I wait my turn to swipe my card, I eagerly look into the masses of people to find a place to sit. I have come to the cafeteria alone, and god forbid I should dine by myself. I cant find anyone I know, so I decide to take my food and sit at a table by myself. As I eat my meal by my lonesome, I cant help but feel that people are starring at me. It seems that some have a questioning look on their faces while others have complexions of pity. But really, there is nothing to be sorry about! I like dining by myself, I enjoy walking with no one around, I value the time that I spend with no one but me. I feel that our society stresses that people should do activities with others regardless of what they are. Sometimes, these impulses are strange, irrational, and just plain weird. Id like to take a shot at this topic so that maybe next time I dine alone, less eyes will fall on me.

Sinking in a sea of stupidity

Is it just me, or is television getting more ridiculous by the millisecond? Im the first to admit, I like my guilty pleasure TV shows too- Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, even the occasional Entertainment Tonight! But come on people, why in the world do I care about how many times Lindsey Lohan has been in and out of rehab this week? And why is Britney Spears lip synching a form of entertainment?

The ultimate Facebook guide

If you are like me, then you probably spend an infinite amount of time determining how to use your Facebook account in the most beneficial and advantageous ways possible. You probably find yourself spending endless hours deciding whether or not you should poke that cute girl you met the other night at a party or whether you should make a clever and witty post on your crush's Facebook wall that says something like damn, if being sexy were a crime, youd be guilty as charged. Things like figuring out whether or not you should ask that special someone if they would like to be in a complicated relationship with you on Facebook and how to answer the infinite number of questions they ask you in your profile, can cause a college student to experience a tremendous amount of stress. This is why I have established a fundamental Facebook guide that will help you increase your popularity around campus and also assist you in your quest to score big with members of the opposite sex. Here goes:

Students should attempt to expand their horizons

Wednesday, September 26th may be a Brandeis Thursday, but Friday, September 28th is a Brandeis Friday, and that is something truly worth experiencing. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and the occasional specialty service followed by a Hillel dinner (or Chabad for those with some time to kill) has become routine for literally hundreds of Brandeis students. Yet (with the exception of the campaigning period for Student Union elections) only a handful of non-Jewish students ever attend.

The secret slaughter in Iraq

In the last week and a half or so, most of the news reports about the U.S. led occupation of Iraq have focused on the recent testimony of Ambassador Ryan Crocker and General David Petraeus as well as the concomitant report on the war written by officials at the White House but generally credited to General Petraeus.

Update: Due to the Sukkot holiday, The Hoot will not come out until the following Monday.

Due to the Sukkot holiday, The Hoot will not come out until the following Monday.

The O.C. comes to NYC

Rich adolescents leading seemingly perfect privileged lives. The popular girl, hiding a deep, angst-ridden personality under her flawless skin. The loner boy who just can't conform to the in-crowd's ways.