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March 2005 Issue

BTV amendment fails, receives 30% of vote

BTVs proposal to increase its funding by over 150% by taking money from other Secured Organizations was roundly defeated in balloting on Wenesday and Thursday. The amendment, which needed the approval of 2/3 of voters, secured only 30.68 percent of the vote. Over 1000 students voted against the amendment in a record turnout.

MEYERS: Boston shuttles could use revamp

A large reason that many students chose to attend Brandeis is because of its proximity to the Boston area. Getting to Boston on weekends is usually relatively easy because of the Boston Shuttles that start at 6 p.m. on Thursday, 3:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. However, the shuttle system could use some drastic changes, especially as finals week and the end of the semester approach.

MUELLNER: Seeing beyond subtitles: the value of Ancient Greek

When you go to see a foreign film from a country whose language you dont know China, say, or Iran or France you read the subtitles and watch the picture at the same time. You know that youre at the mercy of the person or persons responsible for generating those subtitles and their relative competence in the two languages involved, and all of us have experienced moments when the people are talking on screen and there are no subtitles to be seen, or when the English of the subtitles is barely comprehensible translationese, or when the native speakers in the theater are laughing at something that you, a reader of subtitles only, have no clue about.

UJ allows candidates to appeal election rules; rejects first appeal

Candidate for Finance Board Daniel Mauer '06, filed a case against Chief of Elections Alex Amman '05 claiming that one of the election rules was unfair.

UJ rejects bid to block BTV vote

Village Senator David Fried filed a case against BTV asking the Union Judiciary to stop the vote because he claimed that BTV misrepresented the amendment to students who signed it. The UJ rejected his injunction request.

Unnatural Triple

Unnatural Triple for March 25, 2005.

Hillel Theater Group presents HAIR!

Your draft notice arrived today.

One of the more revealing lines that gave meaning to Hillel Theater Groups production of the musical HAIR! at Shapiro Theater last Tuesday. Let these words stew in the back of your mind as you read…

FICTION: Beads Part 6: 'Reveal'

Ophelia sat numbly at the desk. Her hand rested on a piece of paper. They didnt know how couldnt they know why didnt they know about me? she asked, her voice small, distant. She fingered the writing, reading the words aloud as if they would reveal the answer she sought.

PERSPECTIVE: Dancing the night away

Last Saturday night, the Brandeis Junior/Senior Formal was held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. I was personally uninvolved in the organization of this extravaganza, and so I wasnt sure what to expect. First Ill tell you about how I ended up at this formal, and then Ill tell you how the whole formal ended up.

More wiggle room for the Boston Celtics

It is the waning moments just before halftime in a road game against the woeful New Orleans Hornets at the tail end of their lengthy road trip. The Celtics, hoping to escape from this game with their prolonged winning streak intact, are trailing by a slim margin in the second half. On this particular fastbreak play, vocal point guard Gary Payton takes a hard fall out of bounds attempting to secure a loose ball. He finds himself crouched underneath the basket, wincing in pain with an upper body injury. To his rescue come a pack of first place Celtics, led by none other than godsend Antoine Walker. Following him are several of the many youngsters on the Celtics roster.