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January 2006 Issue

SAF history, 2001-2004: corruption and mismanagement

In a multi-part series, The Hoot examines some issues that have led to an outcry for change in the way the Student Activities Fee (SAF) is managed. In Part 1, last semester, The Hoot examined the historical growth of the SAF, of which the current system is an outgrowth. In Part 2, The Hoot recounts significant events from the last five years that have lead to the cries for change.
Here are The Financial Audit and The Financial Review referenced in this article.

‘Deis Basketball : Road Splits

When this season began, the collective goal of the team was to make the NCAA Division 3 Championship;

last years squad lost only four games, all to UAA opponents, and as a result Brandeis had to settle for their second ECAC award. After having lost to NYU on the 14th, Brandeis responded by knocking off Tufts at home and then hoped to take two conference victories on the road. They won the first game against Chicago but their loss to Washington University has left NCAA hopes on tenuous ground.

Swim Notebook

This past Saturday was the final home meet of the year for the Brandeis Mens and Womens Swimming teams. It was also the final home meet for the graduating seniors. The women dominated their meet against Worcester Polytechnical Institute. The men, on the other hand, had a tough battle and lost at the very end.

This Week in Sports

The U.S. Treasury Department decided last week to issue a license allowing Cuba to play in the World Baseball Classic. The U.S. had vetoed the previous bid to allow Cuba to play, but changed its mind after Cuba announced it would give all of its earnings to Hurricane Katrina victims.

Star Judges

This week, three Brandeis athletes have been named UAA Athletes of the Week. The recipients are: womens basketball forward Caitlin Malcolm 07, mens forward Steve DeLuca 08, and first-year track star Anat Benum 09.

Skating into form

After two close losses, the Brandeis club hockey team had a 6-6-2 record going into winter break, leaving them in third place in their division. However, with games against the club team Diablos (2-12-3) and Boston River Rats (3-12-3), the team looked to be in good position to boost both their record and confidence as the postseason approaches.

Track Notebook

With the winter break over and their lineups complete, the Brandeis Mens and Womens Track teams came out flying at the Reggie Poyau Invitational, putting on a show at their only home meet of the year. The women won 11 events and scored 187 points to finish in first place, well ahead of second place Bowdoin. This was a bit of retribution for the womens team, which competed against Bowdoin with a depleted lineup last week and was handed a lopsided loss.

Great Day for a Race rocks out at Brandeis

Brandeis own Great Day for a Race, after much anticipation from those devoted Chums fans, released their debut album, All that Life Intends. To be honest, I have little faith in college bands in general, and they are prone to writing trite and hackneyed songs about lost loves and nostalgia played with 2.5 powerchords and predictable guitar solos. They also usually fit into the tired mold of the guitar, bass, drums trio. I was relieved when I found out that the band was in fact made up of five: Ryan Pressman 06 on lead guitar, Jason Prapas 06 on vocals and guitar, Brian Schon 06 on drums, Mayank Puri 08 on bass, and, my favorite part, Rich Frank 06 on the sax. As a recent discoverer of the wonders of jazz, I find the addition of a saxophone to an otherwise generic-looking band is rather appealing.

The good, the bad and Tristan and Isolde

As someone who took Arthurian Literature last semester, I recognized the names Tristan and Isolde when I first heard about this movie. Since I didnt actually read about them in class, I only knew what the commercial could have taught me. Its about doomed love la Romeo and Juliet.

The color of twilight

She has always been Grandma to me, even though my dads real mother, Martha, died before I was born. Long before my grandfather married either one, just as he was to go off to college, life intervened. The Great Depression forced him to leave New York for California to help his uncle in his shoe store. Things used to be like that, Im told. But while in Los Angeles, he met my biological grandmother, and thats why youre reading this…