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January 2005 Issue


Part 1 in a series of fiction columns.

PERSPECTIVE: Inauguration evokes passions

This past Wednesday brought forth two strong and contrasting beliefs of mine: I am a leftist Democrat (although on the Brandeis political spectrum, Im a little closer to the center) and I revere the office of the Presidency. Before the November elections, I worked hard to elect John Kerry, unfortunately to no avail. However, my love for politics did not stop there.

COLUMN: Democrats are not the only ones who want peace

When people asked me if I was going to Inauguration with Students for Peace, I really didnt know what to say. I am a conservative Republican, yet I am also a student for peace. In fact, my love of peace is precisely the reason I am a conservative Republican, and that is the reason I wanted to go celebrate the crucial victory of our commander in chief.

Double jeopardy: Brandeis grad knows all the right questions

Do you know the questions to the following answers? A) Syrians enjoy a drink called Arak, a strong liquor made from anise and this vined fruit. B) This TV show features the characters Tad Martin, Brooke English, and Erica Kane. C) Our Lady of Czestochowa, called The Black Madonna, is one of this countrys most beloved icons. D) The comet belt this Dutchman predicted to be between Neptune & Pluto in 1951 was detected by the Hubble in 1995.

EDITORIAL: More can be done to improve the Brandeis web experience

Brandeis recently unveiled a redesigned, technicolor homepage. Leaving aside questions about how prospective students will perceive Brandeis, not to mention potential employers, we find it a bit odd that with all of the hoopla surrounding the new site launch, not much has really changed. In terms of content, the home page is the same as before, only now news stories include pictures and brief summaries. In terms of useful information, the new Featured Campus Events section is a nice addition. But other then that, not much seems to have been added, content wise.

What did you do with your snow day?

Brandeis, notoriously stingy with snow days, was forced to give not one, but one and a half days off this week thanks to extreme winter weather that resulted in over two feet of snow on campus. While many students used their time off to bundle up inside or catch up on homework, some had other […]

COLUMN: The Student Government Body Goes to the Weight Room

Elections for the Student Senate, Union Judiciary, and a whole slew of other flavorful positions in the Brandeis Student Government Body are right around the corner. And as someone who knows exceptionally little about Brandeis elections and student government, I can tell you a lot of stuff about the whole process that you yourself probably never knew about either. Now, what I tell you may not be what is known as true, but thats not the issue. Whats important is that I can make up a lot of stuff and pretend that I know what Im talking about.

COLUMN: Bipartisanship begins at home

On the evening of January 19th, as a bus of 40 students began its journey through the darkened roads of New England and the mid-Atlantic, its passengers sat divided, a wall of tension and political rhetoric split the ranks Dozens were filled with anger, contempt, and regret over the events that were about to take place;

a handful of loyalists were exuberant with anticipation. We were on our way to Washington, a town whose historic events have distracted dedicated students from their studies since the founding of our nation, taking our respective parts in the 2nd inauguration of George W. Bush.

COLUMN: Students for Peace march against Iraq war, Bush presidency

On January 20th, the day of George Bushs controversial 2nd inauguration, the members of Students for Peace were in Malcolm X Park, ready to rally, and ready to protest. An African-American woman, probably in her late 50s or 60s, stood in front of over one thousand coffins, singing in a bluesy rasp, this is a rich mans war, so what are the poor fighting for?

Celtics: no defense, no problem

Its a frigid January night outside on the streets of Boston. The worshipped New England Patriots have not played a meaningful game in over two weeks. The focus this one night in Beantown is on the Celtics finishing up their marathon week filled with games against five mediocre opponents.