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What did you do with your snow day?

Published: January 28, 2005
Section: Arts, Etc.

Brandeis, notoriously stingy with snow days, was forced to give not one, but one and a half days off this week thanks to extreme winter weather that resulted in over two feet of snow on campus. While many students used their time off to bundle up inside or catch up on homework, some had other plans…

“We watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castletwice in a row.”
Amy Nazimiec '05

“I did what every fine upstanding citizen does: played snow football.”
Aron Wolgel 05

“I got dragged around the soccerfield trying to learn how to fly the Mountina Clubs new ski kite.”
Oren Bachar 05

“On Wednesday, my car got significantly stuck! Took two hours to free it. We were this close to pulling out posterboards and glitter pens to create absolutely necessary 'FREE JENNS CAR' propaganda.”
Jenn Orlin 06

“Watched things burn in a campfire, while roasting marshmallows in order to make all different types of Smores (featuring a delicious array of C-Store chocolates). Other than that, I stayed in long underwear, checked email all the time and basically hibernated.”
Amy Schiller 06

“Traying and LSAT studying, a good combination;

I get all frustrated then take it out by flying down the library hill.”
Marc Rotter 06

“Building an igloo on top of the Science Library.”