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November 2013 Issue

‘The Children’s Hour’ is the event to watch this weekend

Amid anticipated debuts of the musical “Cabaret” and performances by Adagio, Hillel Theater Group’s production of “The Children’s Hour” stunned audiences through its dramatic performances, disturbing themes of manipulation, and exquisitely talented cast. Delving into the psychologically disturbed mind of a young girl who incites claims of homosexuality to destroy the lives of those around […]

Better listeners? Sodexo proves to hear students’ demands

When the community discovered last semester that the university would use Sodexo as our main dining provider and not Aramark, I was pleased. Aramark had its good aspects, but it seemed sub-par to many students. The prices of items in the C-store, the point-to-dollar ratio, the lack of national chains and meal plan costs were […]

Do staff receive proper respect?

This past week, the most remarkable, amazing and heartwarming thing happened here at Brandeis: Dunkin’ Donuts finally opened. After almost an entire semester of pining for a sweet Boston Kreme, hash browns and a Coolatta, my chance finally arrived. While the establishment was open in secret over the weekend, the grand opening was this Monday. […]

Eliana’s Advice: Common ground with girls, roommates and parents

Dear Eliana, There is this girl who I think is really cute; however I haven’t really talked to her much. I’ve only really spoken to her twice. Once, I sort of awkwardly introduced myself, and the second time I just said, “Hi.” I would like to be better friends with her, but I don’t really […]

Splash! turns college students into teachers

On Saturday, Nov. 16, Brandeis welcomed a host of local students, including those from Waltham, Newton, Allston, Watertown and other towns, for the second annual Splash! program. The program, in which college students teach specialized classes to high school students, originated at MIT over twenty-five years ago, and was brought to Brandeis last year by […]

Brandeis president emeritus Reinharz’s salary incites students

Instigated by the reports in the Globe revealing the triple digit salary of President Emeritus Jehuda Reinharz, protests circulating across Facebook condemn the allocation of university resources to the pockets of high ranking administration officials. Succeeded by President Fred Lawrence, Reinharz is nevertheless still reported to have earned $627,228 in total compensation from the University […]

Men’s basketball begins season undefeated

The men’s basketball team began the season with a few non-conference wins. They started with a blowout against Curry College on Saturday and a come-from-behind win against UMass-Dartmouth on Tuesday. On Saturday, the Judges faced Curry College for an at-home win of 111-59. The Colonels’ largest lead of the game was two, which they held […]

Arts requirement should promote creativity

After finishing up my work one evening in the Goldman-Schwartz art studio, I was signing myself out when I overheard a conversation between the building monitor and a friend. The monitor’s friend mentioned that many students fulfill their fine arts requirement by taking some sort of art history course. Instead of taking a class that […]

Audience disputes motherhood quota

On Tuesday, Hilke Brockmann, sociologist, demographer and distinguished professor, came to Brandeis to discuss her work on whether German Parliament should implement a motherhood quota in the German economy and the European Union. A professor at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, Brockmann is currently on sabbatical and serving as a visiting scholar at Harvard’s Center […]

Activist journalism should not be the norm

A few weeks ago, as I was reading The New York Times on my phone during the cold, solitary walk to my 9 a.m. class, my eyes happened to glance over an opinion piece titled “Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News?” Since Glenn Greenwald was the first journalist to publish the classified NSA files […]