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January 2007 Issue

The[n-y-c]files: Themanwhodrovethebumsout

Come find out what you cant know;

see whats not there.
Its no more, but it used to be
In humanitys hometown;

you know where.
These are the
[n-y-c] files.(Third in a series)

Picture, if you possibly can, a nation fallen on hard times such as our generation has never known, a quarter of its workforce unemployed. Imagine its largest city, home to millions of new Americans, their hard-won financial gains immeasurably set back in the worst economic cataclysm of the century. Suppose there lives a stocky man, barely five feet tall… Winning the hearts of millions and a permanent place in a citys history and collective consciousness, he becomes a figure whose very name remains a household word to New Yorkers, young and old alike, to this day. The name: LaGuardia.

$5 million donated to Journalism Institute

Philanthropists and longtime Brandeis supporters Elaine and Gerald Schuster recently donated $5 million to the Universitys Institute for Investigative Journalism. Founded in September of 2004 in order to explore social and political problems and uncover corporate and government abuses of power, the newly-renamed Elaine and Gerald Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism is the nations first investigative reporting center based at a university.

Brandeis: Peace, not alienation

The Brandeis Chaplaincy has announced the start of a weekly series of peace vigils to be held at the peace memorial near Usdan. Billed in a campus mailing list announcement as a weekly vigil to be mindful of the war in Iraq and to express together our hope for a just and speedy resolution, the open-ended event serves a legitimate and widespread need in the community to express the universally-held hope for an end to the conflict in Iraq.

Rose Art Museum opens for Winter 2007 season

New exhibits now at the museum

Was Brandeis your first choice?

Why would anyone apply here Early? Amy Hoffman 10 echoed a popular stereotype about the universitys admissions when responding to the question of why she did not consider Early Decision as an option for applying to Brandeis.

Indeed, Brandeis seems to have garnered a reputation as a second-choice schoola place for those rejected from the Ivy League or similarly exclusive institutions, like Tufts or Northwestern. But with 76 percent of the class of 2010 in the top tenth of their high school classes and an average composite S.A.T. score of 1367, Brandeis applicants can certainly compete. Then is this reputation true?

Strange but true

Jimi Hendrix energy drink in the works According to the Associated Press, Beverage Concepts will soon market non-alocoholic drinks, nicknamed “Liquid Experience.” It is named after the Jimi Hendrix album Are you experienced? Meanwhile, some Hendrix fans are not thrilled to see their hero being reduced to a drink. “To see his image and the […]

Norman Finkelstein Invited to Campus

DePaul University Professor Norman Finkelstein, controversial author of Beyond Chutzpah: On the Use of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History, has been invited to speak on campus by members of the student body, according to an e-mail sent to the Radical Student Alliance (RSA).

‘Deis men continue to surge

The Judges have continued their surging season, knocking down two UAA foes to claim a winning division record.

NBA midseason look

First half MVP: Gilbert Arenas. He is the reason why the Wizards are at least competitive. Take him away and the Wiz are .500 at best. If that doesnt make him an MVP candidate, I dunno what defines most valuable anymore. Runner-up: Kobe Bryant. Although Steve Nash powers the Suns, Kobe is essentially alone save […]

Carter and Dershowitz Speak to Audiences

After weeks of national controversy and hostile media exchanges, former President Jimmy Carter and his longtime critic, Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz, gave back-to-back speeches to the Brandeis community regarding Carters recent book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. Carter, who had refused early December to debate Dershowitz, is the first president to visit Brandeis since Harry Truman gave the commencement speech in 1957.