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December 2008 Issue

(VIDEO) Girl Talk!!!

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Community begins to heal after terror attacks in Mumbai, India

One hundred members of the Brandeis community stood in silence, eyes turned down in the late afternoon sun in front of the Goldfarb Library Wednesday, commemorating the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. The wind whipped the faces of the crowd that had come together and braved the cold to combat terror […]

Professor hiring freeze causes concern in affected departments

The hiring freeze recently instituted by the university in response to a $10 million budget shortfall for the 2009 fiscal year will impact both the courses and the nature of instruction students receive in the immediate future. As part of a package of cutbacks meant to deal with the university’s deficit for the current fiscal […]

Academic expenditure cuts focus on faculty costs

University seminars will no longer be mandatory and fewer sections of foreign language classes will be offered next academic year in response to a predicted $5.8 million budget shortfall for fiscal year 2010. The Special Faculty Advisory Committee, formed by Provost Marty Krauss and chaired by Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe, has been […]

Letters to the Editor:

To the Editor: I’m very concerned with Eli Sedransk’s ability to review musical theater productions effectively if he knows so little about the art as to reduce Gypsy – the near perfect combination of a mastermind book by Arthur Laurents and some of the most well-known songs in the industry thanks to Jule Styne and […]

Editorial: Coping as a community

The Brandeis community’s reaction to last week’s attacks in Mumbai shows how in a time of crisis, all groups from student organizations to religious leaders to administrators can come together to provide support and help in the mourning and healing process. As noted in a previous editorial, it seems that sometimes Brandeis students adopt a […]

Water bottles: How a misleading poll got it wrong

A few months ago the student body of Brandeis University was presented a poll for the reduction in the consumption of bottled water. The poll questioned, “Recognizing the social, environmental, and economic implications of bottled water, should Brandeis University reduce the sale and distribution of bottled water on campus?” The response in the affirmative for […]

Drug and alcohol policy is ‘out of touch’

One Saturday evening earlier this semester a group of sophomores put on music and cracked open a few beers in a Castle single. At about 12:30 a.m. a CA knocked on their door and asked them to lower the music. Although the room’s resident happily agreed, the CA called him outside and accused, “I saw […]

One Tall Voice: Reflections on a trip to the shooting range

A few weeks ago, I had a splendid time going to a shooting range with the Brandeis Republicans and several other Brandeis students. That Sunday was only the third time I had ever been shooting and I was a bit nervous. This feeling was added to the fact that the worker at the range only […]

Shopping for Truth: Black Friday: An animalistic exhibition

In the wild, herds of animals race to find their prey–the early bird catches the worm. Herds prepare for battle, strengthening themselves with a pre-battle feast, and a plan of attack is formulated. In the United States, herds of frenzied shoppers pack together to scour shelves for the latest deals–the early bird catches the bargain. […]