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February 2009 Issue

One Tall Voice: Ridiculous protests on campus

Everybody on campus must know how the global economic crisis is affecting the Brandeis community. And just about every student must be aware of the immense changes that are currently under consideration by the administration. Whether it is fewer options in Sherman, or reduced hours at certain facilities, we are experiencing the effects of our […]

Tech Talk

Justice Brandeis Semester adds professional focus to liberal arts

Part II in a five-part series on academic restructuring The Curriculum and Academic Restructuring Steering (CARS) committee’s proposed Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) will require students to take one semester away from Brandeis, adding a professional focus to an otherwise liberal arts curriculum. If JBS is implemented, students in the class of 2014 and beyond will […]


Julia Cohen ‘10 wore a sign reading “HELP, Housing Crisis! Can’t afford number, Can’t sell my number, PULL ME IN” for a half an hour in Usdan on Thursday in order to find students to live with next year. Cohen, whose housing number was somewhere in the 1500’s said that she was looking to live in either a Ridgewood or a Ziv and was hoping to find students who needed to fill their planned suit for the 2009-2010 year. Eventually, Cohen found Maya Gallagher-Siudzinski ‘11 and Jourdan Cohen ‘11 who were
friends of a friend of hers and were looking to fill what they hope to be a Ziv. Cohen said she had never met the two girls before but that it is “to their credit that they would invite me to live with them. I’m not afraid to live with strangers.”

Reinharz’s job not at risk, Trustees say

Members of the university’s Board of Trustees told The Hoot this week that they have complete confidence in President Reinharz’s ability to lead the university. These statements of assurance follow an article in the Boston Globe entitled “Brandeis woes put president on the line.” Chair of the Board of Trustees Malcolm Sherman told The Hoot […]

Rose backlash increases transparency

Executive Director of Union Communications Jamie Ansorge ’09 and 59 other Brandeis student leaders met with university President Jehuda Reinharz about the university’s budget crisis on Dec. 5 2008. During the meeting, the students were shown a presentation of the budget projections and were told that budget cuts were going to be made. “But we […]

Intended Consequences: WSRC exhibit sheds light on survivors of rape and their children

When Photographer Jonathan Torgovnik first stepped foot in Rwanda in Feb 2006, he thought he was going there to cover the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Rwandan Genocide for Newsweek Magazine. But upon meeting and interviewing Odette, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide and multiple rapes, Torgovnik’s life was changed. Odette’s rapes had not only […]

Financial aid prioritized in raising gifts, donations

Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement Nancy Winship said that the Department of Development and Alumni Relations will be refocusing its gift soliciting strategies on financial aid for undergraduate students. Shifting focus to financial aid will lessen the stress on the university’s $80 million operating deficit over the next five years. Financial aid is part […]