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Brandeis senior cheers as member of Rev Girls

Like many students at Brandeis, Jennifer Swain’s ’15 precious free time is divided between obligations that demand nearly as much commitment and time as academics. Swain spends her time outside of the classroom as a member of the New England Revolution soccer team’s Rev Girls. Far more than a soccer cheer squad, this all-female promotional […]

WBRS, offering ‘Something for Everyone’

Currently, WBRS is Brandeis University’s sole student run radio station. WBRS broadcasts 24/7 to Brandeis University, Waltham and its surrounding towns. WBRS facilities are located on the Brandeis campus with studios on the third floor of the Shapiro Campus Center and features a transmitter on top of the Rabb Graduate Center. WBRS’ motto is “something […]

Hiatt connects students to futures

In hopes of landing their dream jobs in an ever competitive job market, students on any given day shuffle into the Hiatt Career Center in Usdan Student Center, Room 15. Hiatt plays an important role in the Brandeis community on two levels, explained Hiatt’s Interim Dean and Director Andrea Dine. From the students’ perspective, Hiatt […]

General Tutoring builds better futures

General Tutoring is a club under the umbrella of Waltham Group that partners children of all ages in the greater Waltham area with Brandeis students for free one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects, ranging from math and reading to SAT/ACT prep. The organization was founded more than 30 years ago. Currently, more than 100 […]

Fleitman ’17 celebrates a love of language

Many college students across the country experience difficulties finding their passions, and moreover, finding a subject of study to pair along with it. Tali Fleitman ’17 is the exception. With a double major in Health: Science, Society and Policy and Economics, along with a minor in French, Fleitman is also fluent in four different languages. […]

Popov ’16 completes a half-marathon and a dream

On Sunday, Oct. 12, Brandeis student Stanislav (Stasik) Popov ’16 completed his first Boston Athletic Association half-marathon. Popov finished 1,802th out of 6,211 people. His finish time was 1:52:5. “I just focused on getting through one mile at a time and just tried to take my mind off of running and just enjoy my music,” […]

Voices of Soul brings R&B to Brandeis

Brandeis University is home to 13 separate a cappella groups, all of which feature their own distinct genres and styles that set them apart from one another. One prominent group on campus is known as Voices of Soul. The co-ed singing group was formed in 2001 and distinguishes itself with its rhythm and melodic nature […]

Duggan celebrates passion for comedy

With the fall semester in full swing, seniors all around campus are settling in for their last year as undergraduates before they head off into the real world. Some, however, have decided to embark on that journey a bit earlier than usual, by graduating a semester early and packing up this December. Emily Duggan ’14 […]

Enhancing your Brandeis experience: the Student Union

“All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players.” -William Shakespeare, As You Like It Campus life could be likened to a theater, and the people we meet here to actors on a stage, each playing individual roles on campus through student organizations, social groups or campus events. But behind the […]

More than just volunteers

Since 1966, Brandeis University Waltham Group has been sending students to Waltham and the greater Boston area to volunteer through the group’s outreach programs. According to Lucas Malo, the director of community service on campus, Waltham Group’s goal is “embracing our city through breaking down stereotypes, building relationships, and a respect for mutual learning and […]