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August 2014 Issue

Sylvia Hassenfeld, trustee and celebrated leader, dead at 93

She was the first female president of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). She oversaw the rescue of Jews and Muslims from Sarajevo and aided in the rescue of another 14,000 Ethiopian Jews. She helped raise nearly $1 billion for Brandeis University. Her name was Sylvia Hassenfeld, and the Jewish Women’s Archive labels her […]

Lenny Bruce’s personal papers make a visit

Lenny Bruce’s personal papers, which include his personal photographs, manuscripts, news clippings and audiovisual recordings, are the exciting new archive collection coming to Brandeis this fall. Previously, his daughter Kitty Bruce had the collection. The late comedian was born in Mineola, New York, as Leonard Schneider in 1925. He joined the United States Navy at […]

First-years get to experience bright and shiny new school

Last year, I was a first-year, and last year, I couldn’t tell you which building was which. It also didn’t help that there are about 10 buildings named Shapiro. Nevertheless, and this is speaking from experience, you will figure it out. Before you know it, the campus will feel small and, ideally, even like home. […]

Hoot Scoops: summer movies

“Calvary” After the priest in a small Irish town has his life threatened during confession, he seeks to find the killer while healing the damaged people around him. This is how “Calvary,” one of the best movies in years, begins before taking the viewer on a sad and moving journey. In his brilliant follow up […]

Prof. John Plotz’s timeless tapestry

This April, Professor John Plotz (ENG) released his first children’s book. “Time and the Tapestry: A William Morris Adventure” includes stunning illustrations by Phyllis Saroff, who learned the style of William Morris to design the book cover, 16 illustrations, marginalia and decorations for chapter openings. The book features two orphaned siblings who embark on a […]

Technology’s underappreciated potential

Everyone remembers that day when they opened up Facebook and saw a notification that their mother had requested to be their friend. While no one really wants to add their mom on Facebook, the obligation exists to at least be polite and not have to deal with the eventual question at dinner as to why […]

Boston teems with attractions for upcoming year

As students head back to campus, many may find themselves unsure how to spend their time for the first few exam-free weeks. Here are a few arts-related events both on and off campus: Lorde and her awkward spasms will be performing at this fall’s Boston Calling music festival. Boston’s popular semi-annual music festival runs on […]

Laundry system has room for improvement

Doing laundry at Brandeis isn’t really something I’d call an onerous task. You dump a sack of dirty clothes and some detergent into a machine, wait forty five minutes, repeat the last two steps, then retrieve said clothes. Its nothing too different from what I did back home. Most students seem to have no real […]

Thefts consistent throughout summer

The Aug. 10 media log released by the Brandeis University Police Department included three thefts, part of a grim pattern throughout this summer’s media logs, which have consistently featured at least one or two reports of larceny. Said thefts have been mostly of electronics, particularly items like laptops and iPads. Two of the three thefts […]

Title IX training scheduled for student employees

An email was sent out last month to various directors of student groups laying out the details behind Title IX training for student employees, with a complimentary lunch to be served afterward. Organized by Dean of Academic Services Lisa Boes and facilitated by Sexual Assault Services and Prevention Specialist Sheila McMahon and Director of Employment […]