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September 2010 Issue

Development committed to financial aid, despite admissions change

University officials maintained this week that the Admission’s office’s move from need-blind admissions to need-sensitive admissions was not a result of a university inability to secure donations for financial aid. “This change has nothing to do with us,” Senior Vice President of Institutional Advancement Nancy Winship said, adding that her Department of Development and Alumni […]

Take the reins

Until now, The Hoot has refrained from editorializing about the choice of Frederick M. Lawrence as the future president of Brandeis. Though we have been heartened by Lawrence’s conscious effort to meet and connect with the student body, we have been reserving our judgement until we see what he will do once he takes the […]

A new way to bounce off some calories without even trying!

The growing trend of calorie consumption awareness is obvious as our culture today has gone through the drastic measures of enforcing the transparency of nutritional facts, launching get fit campaigns and forcing a new wave of low-fat, low-sugar, low-carb type foods into the supermarkets. At the onset of this revolution, a parallel trend is brewing. […]

You can bank on ‘The Town’: Boston heist flick impresses

“The Town” entertains with its fast-paced plotting, smart script and memorable casting. In this Boston-centric thriller Ben Affleck has firmly established his skills as a director, which were hinted at in his 2007 Oscar-nominated “Gone Baby Gone.” He has created a film that gives a fresh burst of life to the typical heist flick. The […]

Ode to ‘Law and Order’

I know it’s been months since NBC announced the cancellation of the original “Law & Order,” but I’m still in mourning. It’s a long process that consists of me constantly trying to convince myself not to watch all the reruns in a given marathon on TNT so I don’t deplete what is now a finite […]

An improv piece on improv

It’s Wednesday night, it has been a long day and I’ve still got lots to do … It shouldn’t be this way. There’s a school holiday tomorrow, and I should be looking forward to a night of revelry or relaxation, a chance to relieve the pent-up stress of the week for a few hours. At […]

‘Halo: Reach,’ whatever they were reaching for, they reached it

The Halo trilogy may very well be one of the most iconic series exclusive to Microsoft’s X-box systems. Bungie (the developer of the main games) has ended its time with the franchise on a high note in terms of game-play but a sad note in terms of story. Bungie announced that the prequel “Reach” would […]

UPDATE: Flasher turns himself in to Public Safety

UPDATE: A Brandeis community member has notified university officials that he was the person exposing himself inside the Harlan Chapel during two incidents in the past month, according to a statement from Ed Callahan, director of public safety. Callahan has referred the case to the Office of the Dean of Student Life. Once the Dean’s […]

Book of Matthew: Debate over admissions needs more detailed discussion

I do not usually play the role of campus media critic in my columns, especially since I am part of a major campus media outlet and think rather highly of it. Recently, though, I’ve been disappointed by coverage of the proposed change in admissions policy that will require some future Brandeis applicants to be judged […]

Brandeis alumni document Costa Rican peace culture

Brandeis alumni Jonah Cohen ’10, Alex Epps ’10 and Ned Crowley ’10 screened their documentary film campus on Tuesday. “State of Peace” was filmed this past summer in Costa Rica after Crowley and Cohen were awarded a $10,000 grant from the Kathryn W. Davis Projects For Peace. Costa Rica has had universal health care and […]