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October 2007 Issue

Students reflect on departing Admin

Assistant Vice President for Students and Enrollment Keenyn McFarlane will leave Brandeis at the end of November. McFarlane, who is the chief assistant to Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy, is in charge of developing the budget for the division. A replacement has yet to be named.

Everyone from bad actors to Civil War generals

Ok, so admittedly I dont have anything particularly topical and prescient to spill my verbal guts about, so for this issue, again, the reader will have to settle for mild entertainment upon my latest additions to the American Hero List and why they have proven themselves to be thoroughly awesome.

Waltzing back into the spotlight

I love Dancing with the Stars. There, Ive said it. As a general rule, Im not one for reality televisionIll take my Greys Anatomy and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation any day over Survivor or Americas Most Smartest Model. But I do love those two hours every week when I get to see a multitude of famous people doing the Paso Doble, Cha-cha-cha, and Jive in sparkly costumes.

What’s going on at Brandeis? CARNALval TRISK Dance

Take your mask off or put a new one on as you head to the annual Trisk HALLOWEEN DANCE. Explore all the carnal desires that can be explored in a public setting. Maybe you can dance with a monkey, or do the monkey, or monkey around… as a monkey. Or you could just be a mon. Or you could be a key. There are a lot of options people. $3 at the door.

What’s going on at Brandeis? I Hate Hamlet

As Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000 Once remarked: Is there a word in the English language he hasnt said? Of course who cant hate Hamlet, that skull holding character weve all come to know and despise. This story of an actors struggle will be hilarious and intriguing. A play by Paul Rudnick and presented by the Brandeis Players! $5 in advance and $6 at the door.

What’s up Waltham? Breakfast on Main Street

There are three really great places to start your day in Waltham. Arcadia has delicious food and the service is pretty top notch. Joseph IIs is more of a traditional feeling diner also with some great and filling menu choices. Both are reasonably priced. Everyone at some point should kick their friends out of bed and go out to a diner at 7 oclock. Cafe on the Commons is also a good place to drop by if youre tired of the usual Einsteins or Java City. A bit more pricey but they have a lot more selections.

Spotlight on Boston: Thunderdome VIII

One of the biggest dance parties in Boston. This year will be featuring Nick Catchdubs (founder of Fools Gold Records) and Caps N Jones (a recurring favorite of Discobelle). An epic party that just changed locations to a well reviewed spot in the middle of Central Square. Remember to wear a costume!

Eating champion defends his sport

This past Wednesday, I competed for my third year in the annual Sherman Hot Dog Eating Contest. This year, the object of the contest was to consume ten hot dogs as quickly as possible. With ease, I was able to accomplish the task in around five minutes and win a mountain bike as my prize. Because of such legends as Kobayashi and Joey Chesunut, competitive eating has finally come to the forefront of public discussion. People are amazed that these participants can eat literally dozens of hot dogs, and are awed by their skill and talent. Some would even consider competitive eating a sport, and a few even say that it should be made an Olympic event.

Fencing prepares for new season

After finishing last season first among Division III schools at the NCAA tournament, as well as claiming the New England Intercollegiate Fencing Championships, the Brandeis Fencing team is back in training and ready for the 2007-2008 campaign.

Big Apple turns sour

Oh, how the tables have turned faster than a New York minute. In the truly love-hate (mostly hate) relationship that could describe the sporting franchises that represent the great American cities of New York and Boston, sometimes it can truly seem like one side has it all. As Boston has reached impossible-to-fathom success as of late, New York's fortunes have been inverted. As of late, a worm has taken a bite out of the Big Apple.