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November 2012 Issue

Editorial: When planning becomes excessive

There comes a point when planning becomes excessive and we believe that the officials organizing the Brandeis strategic plan have reached it. When explanation for how you are going to write the draft of a plan, which in itself is a rough framework of principles, takes an entire semester, the process becomes so complicated and […]

Judges Face Challenge in Early Season as They Fall to Tufts and Emmanuel

After finishing last season with a record of 9-16, the women’s basketball team started off the new year strong, winning the Judges Classic for the first time in a few seasons, but they have yet to find their groove as they have fallen short in the past couple of games. Now holding a record of […]

Men’s soccer return to prominence cut short with heartbreaking loss

Two weeks ago, the Judges’ most successful season in over two decades came to a heartbreaking close at Amherst where they faced Williams College. After coming together four years ago, the team has completely rejuvenated the program and returned Brandeis to the national stage. Soccer is, however, a fickle game. Sometimes the bounces just don’t […]

Being smart about our phones

Back in September, The New York Times released a story in which researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that artificial light from devices like iPhones, iPads and computer screens can negatively affect the brain chemicals that promote sleep. The light can lower levels of melatonin, a hormone that naturally induces our sleep cycles and […]

Call Me, Tweet Me: Lessons learned from Finkeldad: Chutzpah and humor are simply the best

If I was confronted by hate speech from a Neo-Nazi group, the Westboro Baptist Church or any other hate–filled organization, I’m not entirely sure what I would do. I support everyone’s First Amendment rights too much to stop them, and I’m too jaded or sensible to think that arguing with them will be anything but […]

Disney stands strong, even without Pixar, in ‘Wreck-it Ralph’

Thanks to a great voice cast, amazing animation and numerous cameos and references for older audiences to enjoy, Wreck-it Ralph is an entertaining reminder that Disney does not need Pixar to make a great movie. What really makes it a worthwhile movie, however, is the complexity of the story. The story opens with Ralph, the […]

The Weekly Kos: Apathy toward the law is disregard for society at large

Facebook, often called the most important medium of our generation, is most-used by and is likely most useful to college students. The high value we give to the site foments the type of antics aroused this week, when hundreds of thousands of users re-posted a status update purporting to protect them from the possible downsides […]

Compliments should be made in the open, not just online

There has been much discussion on campus recently about Brandeis Compliments. Brandeis Compliments is a Facebook page run anonymously that publishes compliments submitted by members of the Brandeis community about their peers. These compliments are not about so-and-so having great hair or a nice car; instead, they talk about the wonderful internal characteristics that these […]

Lighten up on Lance: A different perspective on the Armstrong scandal

Lance Armstrong is a member of a group of a few, elite people in the world who can be classified as “living legends.” In every way one can be, Armstrong is an accomplished, successful individual. He is perhaps the greatest athlete to ever live and is also a world-renowned philanthropist, CEO, author, father and husband. […]

Mela highlights South Asian culture with synchronicity and skill

Mela, hosted by the South Asian Students’ Association, introduced students to “Kahaani: Our Story” through music, dance and spoken word performances on Nov. 17. Set in front of a detailed and beautifully colored backdrop, this year’s show demonstrated the close-knit community that South Asian students bring to Brandeis as a whole. The performances tied together […]