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April 2005 Issue

Reinharz accidental email reply sparks off campus media coverage

An email by University President Jehuda Reinharz inquiring of a students scholarship status was mistakenly sent to the student himself rather than Reinharzs Executive Assistant Dr. John Hose and has sparked an article in at least the Waltham Daily News-Tribune, inquiries by the Boston Globe and WRKO radio. The email exchange (reproduced in its entirety on page 3) began when Brian Snyder 05, who is president of the unofficial fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu, sent a scathing but error ridden email to Reinharz. Snyders email criticized Reinharz for the Universitys choice of Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall as Commencement speaker.

Debaters earn fifth at nationals

The Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society (BADaSS) placed fifth in the American Parliamentary Debate Associations (APDA) National Championships at Wesleyan University last weekend. Defeating teams from schools including Yale, William and Mary and Stanford, Justin Gelfand 05 and Andy Bragen 05 finished fifth in the nation.

Interview with Jehuda Reinharz

University Presiden Jehuda Reinharz talked to campus media on Thursday about an e-mail he accidently sent to Brian Snyder '05. His executive assistant sat in on the interview.

The (now infamous) Snyder email chain

An email from Brian Snyder 05 and an accidental reply from University President Jehuda Reinharz, posted by Snyder to his Brandeis web space, has provoked a firestorm of controvery and resulted in negative media attention for Brandeis in the local and Boston press (see related story, page 1).

EDITORIAL: Students have the right to complain. They have the responsibility to complain wisely

Think of Brian Snyders 05 complaints about life at Brandeis what you will, what no one can deny is a simple fact that may have gone overlooked in the controversy Jehuda Reinharz reads his own email. The president of this university, a man tasked with keeping a corporation with a $250 million yearly operating budget running smoothly while spending the majority of his time on the road fundraising, reads his email. And takes it seriously. And replies.

Senate looks inward with budget changes

The Brandeis Student Union Senate debated next semesters budget last Sunday. The budget, which will be voted upon by the Senate in two days, includes several changes put forth by Treasurer Nick Freeman 07, who is charged with creating the budget in consultation with Union President Jenny Feinberg 07. One of Freemans more controversial proposals is the allocation of $5,000 to the Senate Discretionary Fund, a 50 percent decrease from the usual $10,000 allotment.

BREAKING NEWS: Brandeis students unscathed in RIAA i2hub crackdown

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced Tuesday that it intends to file 405 lawsuits against students at 18 Universities for swapping music using i2hub, a popular file-sharing client used by thousands of students on dozens of college campuses. No Brandeis student has been named in the suit according to both University President Jehuda Reinharz and statements released by the RIAA. No more than 25 students per University were being sued.

Brandeis alums open book store on Moody Street

This past September, recent Brandeis graduates Ezra Sternstein 04 and Alex Green 04 attended an end of the summer barbeque, where they realized that they were unsure of their futures. During a conversation about their daunting unemployment, the two friends stumbled upon the idea of opening a small bookstore on Moody Street. Their plans took off and Back Pages Books is scheduled to open this Monday, April 18.

OSTROWSKY: Ten things to change about Deis athletics

If I were the director of Brandeis athletics for a day, I would…

INTERVIEW: Presidents of the United States prepare to rock Brandeis

Admit it: you own a copy of a Creed CD, you downloaded Sugar Rays Every Morning, and you absolutely love the Presidents of the United States of America. While listening to Creed or Sugar Ray may be considered embarrassing, the Presidents still have their hooky, punk-infected, pop-rock tunes to entertain the masses at no cost to your rank on the social scale. With the release of Love Everybody in the fall, the Presidents have announced their return to the world of rock, brining with them a much-needed boost of energy and happiness into music today. Presidents drummer Jason Finn took some time off the bands preparation for WBRS annual Springfest show and an ensuing European tour to talk to the Hoot.