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April 2005 Issue

CULTURE BRIEF: Bronstein to feature fireworks

This years Blockbuster Bronstein, Student Events spring celebration, features campus events throughout the week. Today brings miniature golf on Usdans front lawn and a 10 p.m. showing of The Incredibles on the Shapiro Great Lawn.

Jump! The thrill of falling through the sky

Would you jump from an airplane? I did…

Treasure hunt helps build understanding

Last Sundays Hillel- and BBSO-sponsored Treasure Hunt, with its 20-odd participants, was hardly the most crowd-drawing event of the year. Yet it stands out in its originality of purpose: To foster a link between the Black and Jewish communities on campus. For this reason, both its purpose and process merit respect and thoughtful consideration by next years student leaders.

ROLL OF THE DEIS: Confessions of a LiveJournal user

I, like many of the students here at Brandeis, am a LiveJournal (LJ) user. I have been using since of 2002. Over the years, LJ has become a more and more important part of my life. And now Im wondering if there are some aspects of life where LJ just doesnt belong.

LETTER: Complaints should be taken to the source

While I respect Michael Goldsteins opinions wholeheartedly, I would like to point out that I find the publication of his critiques in the Hoot underhanded. As the Brandeis campus has two competing weekly newspapers, it is easy to argue between them.

How does Brandeis stack up?

The crop of commencement speakers this year at American's top universities is a varied lot.

SUGARMAN: Snyder's brash attack hurts all students

To Brian Snyder, the Brandeis senior now known campus-wide for his infamous exchange with President Reinharz (published in its entirety within these pages), I would like to say welcome. Welcome to the good fight.

Open House welcomes, tries to sway pre-frosh

Over 500 prospective students, with parents in tow, flocked to Brandeis campus this past Wednesday and Thursday to take part in the 2005 Brandeis open house. The event, organized annually by the office of admissions which along with tours and overnight stays throughout the year, is designed to help prospective students feel what its like to be a Brandeisian for a day, according to the admissions office website.

Party registration policy to be re-evaluated

Calling the policy unreasonable, University President Jehuda Reinharz told The Hoot that he is looking into changing a Residence Life policy requiring students to register parties seven to ten days in advance of holding them.

EDITORIAL: Things not well at the Justice

For the first time in a very long time the Justice will have no seniors graduating off the Justice editorial board. All members from the Class of 2005 have (with the exception of one who will by next week) quit the board in disagreement over the way the Justice has been managed over the past year.