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    Albert Cahn

    To the Editor: Union election not as flawed as descibed in article

    I feel that there were some inaccuracies in last week's elections coverage which should be corrected.

    Get your facts straight before you raise a ‘hoot’

    I am very disappointed about two pieces from the Septr th issue of The Hoot: David Peposes news story, Voting system failure in close Treasurer Race and the papers editorial, Democracy in jeopardy.

    Over saturation in Ramsey Case

    Did the media learn anything from the failings of its inflammatory coverage in the 90s, from its unfounded accusations against members of the Ramsey family? Far from it;

    the press convicted Karr in the eyes of the public before he even got to the U.S.

    Signing away democracy

    Like most Americans I hadnt heard of presidential signing statements until this summer, I had never thought it mattered what the president said when he signed a bill into law. But a recent report by the American Bar Association has outlined the way President Bush has used these statements to rewrite and rescind legislation.

    Give Miller the axe, reporters a shield

    The nation has been abuzz about the testimony of New York Times reporter Judy Miller. She recently answered questions before a grand jury empanelled to investigate the leak of Valerie Plames name to the public. The leak is thought to have been made in retaliation for her husbands public criticism of President Bushs statements on WMD in the lead up for the invasion of Iraq. Ms. Miller agreed to testify after striking a deal with special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald after spending 85 days in prison, and after it became clear she might be facing a year and a half more.

    CAHN: Unnatural Disaster

    Once again Americans are forced to redefine the scope of domestic human suffering, once again we are asked to expand our tolerance of governmental incompetence. The flood waters of hurricane Katrina have washed way our illusions, and revealed the decay under foot. It has shown how far America is from escaping our legacy of racism, it has shown how little has be done to protect this nation since 9/11, and it has shown us just how fragile our lives are.

    Open House welcomes, tries to sway pre-frosh

    Over 500 prospective students, with parents in tow, flocked to Brandeis campus this past Wednesday and Thursday to take part in the 2005 Brandeis open house. The event, organized annually by the office of admissions which along with tours and overnight stays throughout the year, is designed to help prospective students feel what its like to be a Brandeisian for a day, according to the admissions office website.

    Offensive music in North disrupts Take Back The Night rally

    A student blasted the song Rape Me by the band Nirvana outside North Quad at the conclusion of the annual Brandeis Take Back the Night rally Wednesday night, in which event organizers said over 100 students participated to demonstrate against sexual violence.

    Admissions imposes regional quotas to boost diversity*

    Dean of Admissions Deena Whitfield announced a new admissions policy yesterday that will improve the geographical diversity of applicants for the class of 2009. In response to growing concerns over the number of undergraduate students from the New York and New Jersey region, Whitfield said that the university would be one of the first in the nation to impose quotas limiting the number of students accepted from the area.

    CAHN: Shoebats love built on foundation of hate

    As I left the Shapiro Theater on the evening of January 31st, I felt a mixture of anger and sadness at the events I had just witnessed. For nearly two hours I heard the words of Walid Shoebat, and during that time I gained a renewed appreciation for the dangerous and seductive logic of fanaticism.