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February 2007 Issue

Treasurer stops forgery attempt

A student-run club attempted to submit a forged receipt to the Finance Board, said Student Union Treasurer Choon Woo Ha 07. Ha would not reveal the clubs name, the motivations behind the forgery, or the identity of the club leader responsible.

Editorial: Show me the Money!

The F-Board has been meeting this past week to properly allocate funds to the many clubs at Brandeis during the Regular Marathon period. Last years successful SAF amendment to allocate more money to more clubs made it clear that the Union and the F-Board wanted to work with students in an attempt to make their stay at Brandeis more enjoyable. The referendum, drafted by members of the Union states, All Union documents and records shall be public knowledge and made available for inspection to any member of the Union by the Secretary. However, the actual enactment of this policy has been discouraging at best.

Forget Manning, defense wins championships

For the past two weeks, I have heard nothing but people bashing Rex Grossman. I think they are all forgetting what is important.

EAT ME! (Pardon my bad taste)

Suppose you are a cannibal. Youre feeling real hungry one night when some random stranger appears at your door. Just what would this poor soul need to say to convince you not to eat him?

You say you want a revolution: Apple and Beatles work it out

Beatles and Apple reach an agreement over catalog, songs rumored to be available for download on iTunes shortly…

A win after 29 straight defeats: Brandeis Defeats Wash U

The No. 7 ranked Washington University mens varsity basketball team looked to extend their 29 game winning streak against the Brandeis University Judges on Sunday, Feb. 4. The Judges had other plans in mind as they defeated the Bears in a triple overtime thriller, ending their losing streak.

An art break

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I did not think I would later find myself surrounded by works of art that include pieces from the likes of Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, and Goya. Thats the thing about art, though- sometimes it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I often see art in the margins of notebooks and in past semesters with roomier schedules it has been in the Goldman-Smith art building, where I racked up hours of studio time in classes that have been some of my favorites here at Brandeis.

Women’s basketball have up and down week

Brandeis women's basketball coach Carol Simon once described the game as one of peaks and valleys. The key, she stated, was limiting the opponent's peak runs while extending the team's own breaks. In a slop filled Sunday afternoon, little went right for the Judges as they followed up Fridays narrow 52-50 win over Chicago with a disappointing 45-51 defeat at the hands of Washington University.

Strange but true

Bears fan to change name to Peyton Manning after losing bet Die-hard Chicago Bears fan Scott Wiese has decided to make good on his losing bet on the Bears after their recent Super Bowl loss. By honoring his bet, Wiese will legally change his name to Peyton Manning, the star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, […]

Bush administration must embrace science

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out with a report last week that hopefully put to rest any of the unexplainable hope that some in this country had about our role (as humans) in contributing to the now noticeable trends in Global Warming. Basically, there is absolutely no way that anyone can justify future ignorance to the problem by stating that there is some sort of controversy within the scientific community about Global Warming, as definitive proof of this disturbing future of the planet has now been put before us.