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March 2007 Issue

First round of elections done as Shreeya Sinha takes presidency

The Student Union announced that Union Senator-at-Large Shreeya Sinha 09 won the mandate for the presidency during the first round of elections Tuesday, winning 752 votes. Class of 2008 Senator Michael Goldman 08 also won the mandate for Union Secretary with 600 votes, and Choon Woo Ha 08 retained his position as Student Union Treasurer after an uncontested election. During the second round of elections, current Union Secretary Alex Braver 09 won the Vice Presidency with 601 votes.

Chock full of latexy goodness

The lights flashed once and a scream echoed through Levin Ballroom. I was sitting close enough to see every potential Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. This was going to be good…

Jumping the Grey’s shark

“What goes up must come down. The problem is that when youre up, when youre happy, when youre feeling complete, you forget about that saying;

you forget that you could fall. If we could only remember when were on that high that a low could be just around the corner, maybe we could prepare for it somehow;

soften the blow. But when youre feeling good, the last thing you want to consider is that that feeling will go away. But all it takes is one instant, one wrong decision, one miscommunication, one small slip, to fall”

The best and worst of the diners of Waltham

So food, glorious food. This week, well the past two weeks anyway, has been dedicated to the diner. Waltham has three on Main Street: In A Pickle, Joseph's II and Wilson's Diner, near the Watertown border. My favorite remains Joseph's;

something about the fresh-squeezed OJ, the strawberries and cream, the cranberry pancakes Anyway, it's all good. My least favorite, for the food anyway, was Wilson's, though that may be attributed to its being the third diner experience within about 10 days. They all serve that quintessential heart-choking American cuisine, featuring various meats and breads and eggs swimming in butter and cholesterol and encouraging even the least-athletic among us to jog, bike, swim the afternoon away…

Journalism Professor Eileen McNamara to teach full-time next fall

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Professor Eileen McNamara (JOUR) will begin teaching at Brandeis full-time starting fall 2007 after accepting one of 24 buyouts from the Boston Globe, according to a piece written in the Globe Wednesday. McNamara, who has been an adjunct professor at Brandeis since 1995, won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1997 for her biweekly column.

Why I re-ran for F-Board

Before I decided to run for re-election to the Finance Board, many people attempted to dissuade me from seeking another term. Members of the Student Union, my friends, and numerous others did not believe that it would be in my self-interest to stay in that organization. For many reasons, these people had good intentions. The Finance Board has taken more out of me than I ever could have possibly imagined…


PRESIDENT Shreeya Sinha (752) Jonathan J. D'Oleo (289) Andrew S.M. Brooks (284) Iris Uzdil (46) ABSTAIN (37) Reed Scharff (9) VICE-PRESIDENT Alexander R. Braver* (601) Christina Khemraj* (316) ABSTAIN (34) TREASURER Choon Woo Ha (1079) ABSTAIN (204) SECRETARY Michael R. Goldman (600) Jared A. Hirsh (314) ABSTAIN (265) MEMBER OF THE FINANCE BOARD Jordan I. […]

Free and easy: the online music scene

Over the past couple of years the commercial radio station has taken quite the hit. Listeners will no longer put up with an endless slew of ads every hour in order to hear a usually very limited amount of music in radio-friendly genres. The invention of several online music services has helped listeners to hear exactly what they want in a wide variety of ways. Here is a brief look at some of the most unique of these new services, which allow for greater customization than ever before.

BTV relaunched after hiatus with new Executive Board

This past week, Brandeis Television celebrated its new semester of programming and a new season of its flagship news program, “BTV News,” with a launch party featuring live music and a chocolate fountain. This semester marked a new beginning for the often-struggling club.

Are you a machine?

Some high school students played Sonic the Hedgehog after school. But Eliezer Sternberg 09 spent day and night of his senior year of his high school writing a book that will be published this week, available at the Brandeis Bookstore,, and bookstores across the nation.