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Why I re-ran for F-Board

Published: March 23, 2007
Section: Opinions

Before I decided to run for re-election to the Finance Board, many people attempted to dissuade me from seeking another term. Members of the Student Union, my friends, and numerous others did not believe that it would be in my self-interest to stay in that organization. For many reasons, these people had good intentions. The Finance Board has taken more out of me than I ever could have possibly imagined. The pressures to resign, the threat of impeachment, the stream of articles in the Justice and other stresses have assailed me from being in that office. Many of my friends have seen my pain, my teammates have noticed my lack of focus and numerous people I trust warned that I should reconsider my decision. Still, I decided to run for re-election and the results have confirmed that my choice was right. I received a vote of confidence from the people as I received nearly three times more votes than I was awarded this time last year. My beloved community has yet again bestowed upon me a mammoth honor and I do not take this title lightly. My multifarious reasons for running seemed to propel me in the right direction and for that I am extremely grateful.

Some of my reasons for seeking another term were completely selfless in nature. I sincerely love the job that we do on the Finance Board. Besides what everybody may think, the Finance Board completes a tough and necessary job that truly helps the community. Through my service on the Finance Board I have spoken for the clubs I love, provided assistance to those in need, and been a true guardian of the students SAF money. I never mind those midnight phone calls from club-leaders the day before marathon asking what steps they need to take to request money. I absolutely love being approached in the weight room (my second home!) or on Rabb steps by people who want to express their anger or content at recent allocations. This proximity to the community, this vehicle to enact positive change has enriched my life in more ways than one and is my device to give back to Brandeis. I honestly love the fact that I can improve the quality of life here at this institution, and these selfless reasons are some factors that entered my head as I decided whether or not to seek re-election.

I also attempted to stay in office for another term for reasons of my own as well. The recent editorial in the Justice, and the string of articles that followed, hurt me like nothing else before in my life. A piece of me died as I was thrown into an abyss of sorrow and self-doubt from the writings put forth in that paper. I couldnt understand why they would single me out, nor did I believe they were effectively and honestly reporting the stories. All of this hoopla had the effect of placing me into one of the deepest depressions of my life as I doubted my participation and presence at this institution. The ten letters to the editor that appeared the subsequent week in the Justice helped me regain my confidence but I needed something more. I desired a vote of confidence from the people who I had attempted to serve at the best of my abilities, and this led me to specifically consider running for reelection.

This article is not only a statement of my reasons for seeking another term, but is also a conveyance of my gratitude to the student body. In a showing of support that I never dreamed I would receive, you re-established my confidence in my position. I can rest assured that I am doing my job right. I will never take this privilege for granted, nor forget the gracious gesture you have all shown me with this re-election. It has meant so much to me and has truly enacted a positive change in my life.

Once again I will be able to sit on the opposite side of that table and decide the funding of clubs. I will be able to meet and assist club leaders, help the community I love and support the groups that make this university what it is. And because of your support, the F in F-Board will no longer stand in my eyes for the word frustration, but the emotion of fondness indeed.