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August 2010 Issue

Artists cancel exhibit until art is secure

Three artists whose work was to be showcased in a Rose Art Museum exhibit this semester canceled in July, saying they refuse to show at the Brandeis museum until the university signs a legally binding agreement promising not to sell any of the museum’s art. Eric Fischl, April Gornik and Bill Viola’s works were originally […]

Liberal Arts Posse brought back to Brandeis

The Liberal Arts Posse program, a merit-based group scholarship, has been revived at Brandeis after being on hiatus last year due to funding problems. Ten new Posse students will come to campus in fall 2011 as part of the program, according to a community-wide e-mail sent by university President Jehuda Reinharz. “The Liberal Arts Posse […]

Frederick Lawrence next president

Frederick Lawrence, dean of George Washington University’s Law School, will replace Jehuda Reinharz as president of Brandeis starting in January, the Brandeis Board of Trustees voted July 8. The pick of Lawrence as president is the culmination of the seven-month long process which followed Reinharz’s resignation from the post last October. Lawrence will start as […]

Students hopeful about Lawrence presidential appointment

The debate surrounding what to call the newly appointed Brandeis University President Frederick Lawrence has begun. So far, Sahar Massachi ’11 and his friends have four choices: Prez Fred, Freddy Law, F Law, and Florence, or Flo. “Jehuda had a good number of syllables to it,” Massachi said, referring to the university’s current president, Jehuda […]

Mandel Center for the Humanities completed

Photo Gallery The new Mandel Center for the Humanities building was completed during the university’s summer break, while the renovation of the former science center space is progressing. “The [Mandel Center] was completed on schedule this summer, and [the university has] received permission from the City of Waltham to occupy the new building,” according to […]

Rose art not for sale, maybe for rent

Brandeis’ board of trustees is in discussions with Sotheby’s, the New York art auction house, in order to determine non-sale options that would generate money from The Rose Art Museum’s collection. While members of the university administration said they did not know what these “non-sale” agreements would look like, university President Jehuda Reinharz said “some […]

Indecent exposure

A man in his 20’s was seen “exposing himself” inside a deserted Harlan Chapel, the Protestant Chapel on campus at 6:15 p.m. Thursday, according to a statement from Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan. Callahan asked that all members of the Brandeis community keep in mind their surroundings and “report all suspicious occurrences to the […]

Chess King

Fresh off a July victory in the U.S. Junior Championships, Sam Shankland ’14 has decided to choose a different course. After traveling the world as a teenager to compete in chess tournaments, Shankland is looking forward to living a normal college life. Following high school, Shankland spent a year as a chess professional, competing in […]

Religion not required

Upon appointing Frederick Lawrence the next Brandeis president, Malcom Sherman, chairman of the board of trustees, told The Hoot that Lawrence’s Judaism was “a consideration.” “Certainly [Lawrence’s religion] made him attractive to the committee and we are happy that he is Jewish,” Sherman said. It is no surprise to any member of the Brandeis community […]