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August 2010 Issue

McCauley on ‘Insignificant Others’

Professor Stephen McCauley’s new novel “Insignificant Others,” released by Simon and Schuster over the summer, is a darkly witty and funny tale of a man who attempts to uncover what and who will make him happy. The novel’s main character, Richard Rossi, specializes in hearing other people’s problems. As a human resources representative at Connectrix, […]

‘ArchAndroid’ features new talent: Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae’s debut full-length album “The ArchAndroid” begins with the sounds of an orchestra tuning its instruments in a concert hall, an audacious promise of a work epic in scope. Monae isn’t just teasing us with symphonic pretenses; the opening track is an actual orchestral overture, recalling the bombastic soundtracks of 1960s science fiction films. […]

Happily unmarried

Unless you’re a serial dater or got married to your high school sweetheart, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they’re going to feel like the only single person in a world full of irritating happy couples whom you wish you could smack. Everywhere you turn people have paired off, and it feels like […]

‘Part of your world’

It’s amazing the difference six months can make. I was born into a mermaid-less world on May 10, 1989. My parents named me Ariel, in part, because the name was unique. They thought with a name like Ariel, I was automatically one of a kind. And I was, until six months later when another Ariel […]

The play’s the thing

The night is cool and dry; there will be a show tonight. Families, couples and groups of friends sit in haphazard clusters on the spongy grass of the Boston Common. A three-year-old reaches into a wicker basket for a packet of crackers as his mother slides on a pair of glasses and straightens the folds […]

Borde-nough: Rolling the ’Deis on grades shouldn’t be encouraged

This semester, unless Brandeis or state officials intervene, a new company, Ultrinsic Motivator, Inc., will begin to turn this school (along with a few dozen of its peers) into a demonstration of the basis for laws restricting gambling. But if the world might benefit from such a demonstration, the reputations of Brandeis and other major […]

The Self Shelf: Friendly advice to fresh first-years

As I sit in my castle cell and gaze out the window at a true New England summer (pouring rain and a howling wind off the ocean), it hits me: My days as a wide-eyed first-year are over. And it was quite a different story when I first came to Brandeis one year ago. For […]

No peace in sight for Middle East

After 18 months of shuttle diplomacy and indirect proximity talks headed by Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell, the Israelis, led by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and the Palestinians, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, have agreed to negotiate a two-state solution via direct talks. Will they succeed? I can respond with a definitive […]

Freedom should be free

George W. Bush once said “the wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom.” Despite being bombarded with the word “freedom” ever since I began reading newspapers, I have only recently thought about how ludicrous it is to use that word to justify acts of war. During the past nine years, the United States, […]

For the love of newsprint!

This year, The Wall Street Journal became the most widely read newspaper with 2.1 million readers. According to the U.S. census, there are 300 million people in the U.S. The Wall Street Journal readership includes foreigners. It has been all over the news for years now that the newspaper business is dying. The Boston Globe, […]