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November 2007 Issue

Administration accepts SE proposal

A proposal submitted by Student Events to give the group control of 17 percent of the Student Activities Fee was accepted by the administration Monday, sources say. The administration’s decision came despite heated opposition from members of the Student Union Executive Board. “We are really happy that they accepted it because it shows that they […]

Faculty committee criticizes Hindley punishment

A report by the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities declared that the Administration’s investigation on allegedly discriminatory remarks made by Professor Donald Hindley (POL) lacked thoroughness and impartiality. The report concluded that decisions made by Provost Marty Krauss to threaten termination and place a monitor in Hindley’s classroom “should now be entirely withdrawn.” “We […]

Library adjusts 24-hour security

LTS has implemented changes to increase security, comfort, and relieve stress for the 24/7 session this year in response to overflowing trash, a used condom found in a stairwell, and a group of beer bottles tucked away on Farber Mezzanine during the 24/7 access period in the Brandeis Main Library last semester. During the final […]

Students discuss gun policy at forum

Tuesday evening a forum was held to discuss gun policy on campus. Class of 2009 senator Julia Sferlazzo moderated the event, which featured Matt Rogers ’08 and Fanny Familia ’09, who are student representatives to the Firearms Policy Advisory Committee. About 20 students, including Student Union representatives, attended. The forum, according to Sferlazzo, was intended […]

TYP students experience problems with Clinton ticket registration

Transitional Year Program students experienced problems registering for Monday’s speech by former President Bill Clinton. Clinton is scheduled as the inaugural speaker for the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Program. Because the speech is held in the main area of the Gosman Gymnasium, students were told by the administration that “everyone who registers will receive […]

Editorial: Student Events and administration set dangerous precedent

Over Thanksgiving break, Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Jean Eddy accepted a proposal from Student Events that would allow the organization to spend its share of the Student Activities Fee without reporting to the Student Union Financial Board. Instead, the accepted proposal has SE trading its F-board oversight for input from the Department […]

Letters to the Editor:

(In response to “Student Senate resolution”) Dear Editor, Last week’s Hoot featured an article about the failed Student Senate resolution demanding more transparency and inclusivity of students from the Brandeis administration, especially when dealing with sensitive topics. In said article, senator Justin Sulsky is quoted as saying that the resolution was really about guns. This […]

Book of Matthew: Why I didn’t fall for Ron Paul

I must admit that Congressman Ron Paul could not have picked a better time to launch a libertarian presidential campaign. We as a nation are dealing with an enormous budget deficit, skyrocketing oil prices, increased foreign competition, and a weak economy overall. Paul’s solution appears to be simple and painless: cut spending, cut taxes, cut […]

Fighting with Pinpricks: A nod to the bandleader

My political education began in earnest at the age of five when I watched Casablanca in the basement of my childhood home. This week marks the 65th anniversary of that film and so it is as good a time as any to declaim for the readers of The Hoot my enduring love for this brilliant […]

Brandeis Labor Coalition: ‘Criminal Records Information System is in need of reform’

Do the letters CORI mean anything to you? You may already have some idea of what Brandeis’ policies on hiring university workers are based upon the workers you see around you every day, in the dining halls and in your dorm. Brandeis hires its workers from the local Waltham community, and has demonstrated a commitment […]