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April 2009 Issue

Demonstrators protest Ayers speech

Eight protesters gathered on South Street this morning to protest former Weatherman Bill Ayers’ speech at the university scheduled for 9 p.m. this evening. The protesters, who held signs that read “Bill Ayers Go Home” and “There is blood on your hands,” heard about Ayers’ speech from Michelle McPhee, who announced the planned protest on […]

NJ Mayor to deliver main address at commencement

Mayor of Newark, NJ Cory Booker will deliver the main address at Brandeis University’s 58th commencement ceremony May 17, university officials announced Monday in a press release. Booker and six others will receive honorary degrees from the university at the ceremony. In the release, Executive Director of Media and Public Affairs Dennis Nealon said the […]

Public Safety responds with firearms after spotting BB gun on hidden camera

Public Safety Officers drew their department issued semi-automatic firearms from their holsters after viewing live video surveillance footage of what appeared to be students in possession of a small firearm in Massell Quad at 8 p.m. Friday night, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan said. While no one was injured in the incident, this marks […]

UJ issues RMS ruling, RMS to remain for now

The Student Union Judiciary (UJ) ordered Union Secretary Tia Chatterjee ’09 to hold Racial Minority Senator (RMS) elections as soon as possible after finding for the Student Union in the case of Klionsky and McElhaney v. Student Union Sunday evening. The election for the RMS position was postponed for the trial, during which the constitutionality […]

Musical Evolutions

You never really appreciate what you have until it’s taken away from you. This may be something of a cliche, but it still rings true for me, and it describes my relationship with the Brandeis Music Department very well. I never attended any performances at Slosberg while I was attending Brandeis; for some reason, I […]

Just call him ‘Joh’

Anyone who has seen Brandeis’ African Dance Club perform is aware that there is a very present force onstage besides the dancers. Although this person often sits upstage, behind the colorful and rhythmic array of performers, his presence is never diminished nor understated by this. The phenomenal drummer whom many of you have often been […]

UJ hears case on RMS constitutionality

CORRECTION APPENDED The Union Judiciary heard the case of Klionsky and McElhaney v. Student Union at a proceeding on Wednesday that sought to answer whether the Student Union Constitution allows for the positions of Racial Minority Senator (RMS) and Racial Minority Representative to the Finance Board (F-Board). Over the four and a half hours of […]

Rose supporters question legitimacy of committee

Director of Brandeis’ Rose Art Museum Michael Rush announced that he did not recognize the univearsity’s Committee for the Future of the Rose as legitimate at a town hall discussion about the future of the Rose yesterday evening. “I do not recognize you as a legitimate committee [because] this supposed attempt at openness and dialogue […]

RMS role ignored in UJ case

The Union Judiciary’s decision to hear the case Klionsky and McElhaney v. Student Union yesterday sparked much debate about whether or not the position of Racial Minority Senator (RMS) is necessary for minority involvement in student government or if it is a form of reverse racism. At the trial, where Gideon Klionsky ‘11 claimed that […]

New legal interpretations for Rose Art surface

When the university’s Board of Trustees’ authorized the closing of the Rose Art Museum and the sale its 7,183 piece collection, one of the first questions raised by the Brandeis and art world was the legality of the university selling the museum’s art for the university’s profit.  Since the authorization broke to the media on […]