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September 2011 Issue

Ignore the ‘New Girl’: much-hyped sitcom disappoints

If you happened to mosey onto the Internet at any point in the last month, you were guaranteed to encounter an ad for “New Girl,” the new FOX sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel. A barrage of ads also cropped up on TV as the show’s Sept. 20 debut approached, and FOX even took the unusual approach […]

The Katzwer’s Out of the Bag: TheJMom: the virtual umbilical cord

In their fight against gay marriage, opponents define marriage as “between a man and a woman,” as per a constitutional amendment. The LGBT community disagrees. As do Jewish mothers apparently. They believe it should be between a man and a woman … and their mothers. In November 2010, siblings Brad and Danielle Weisberg launched a […]

Nuts about the nighttime nosh

As I settle into my second year at Brandeis, I have started to reminisce about my first year. As a first-year I was young, naive,and ready to kick ass in college. Here I was in Waltham, on my own, 3,000 miles away from home. I did what most eager 18-year-old college kids do—I rebelled against […]

Much to learn from saves-leader

The extraordinarily ordinary took place this Monday night. New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera quietly put down the three Minnesota Twins batters he faced to seal a 6-4 victory in the Bronx. This, in and of itself, was not a special occurrence: Rivera has nearly perfected the role of closer since inheriting the role from […]

Unabashedly psyched for snow

Sometimes it seems as though everyone at Brandeis grew up surrounded by snow while I, the Mexican heat-hater, grew up surrounded by a sunny paradise. The sun—though a natural friend to many—has always served as my everlasting enemy. I, who yearned for cold weather my whole life, have been forced to live in the tropical […]

No longer bored thanks to longboarding

What in the world is a longboard? Well, if you’re from any kind of urban background, I’m sure you’ve seen packs of 12 year olds clad in neon shirts tearing up your local street corner. This is nothing new: Kids have been messing around with these things since the ’50s. But maybe you’ve noticed lately […]

‘Times they are a-changing’

Recently for one of my classes I read a book titled “The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation is Shaking Up the Workplace” by Ron Alsop. Alsop’s book is about how our generation has created a divide in the way offices are run due to the different expectations and values that our generation […]

The driving dilemma: home vs. campus

If you tried to reach me at any point this summer, there’s a good chance I was driving—to work, to meet friends, to baseball stadiums, etc. In fact, I spent more money on gas this summer than on anything else. By the time I was ready to go back to school, I was thrilled that […]

Supporting Israel in times of trouble

The uprisings taking place in the Middle East during the last couple of months have upended the region and shaken a status quo that has been characterized by political inertia for decades. Uncertainty, unrest and instability have become the new norms, as sclerotic regimes are toppled and the voice of the proverbial Arab Street becomes […]

In Troy Davis case, where’s the context?

Welcome to my new column! Although I don’t claim to be an expert about anything related to communication, I have studied it through the lenses of American studies, anthropology and journalism. I also text and tweet a lot, so that might count for something. After all, you can only fully understand something if you are […]