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April 2013 Issue

The Legitimacy of Quidditch

When most people hear that Quidditch, the fictional sport in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, has been adapted for real world play, they are skeptical and mocking. Many think that Quidditch players are not true athletes and cannot be taken seriously. As a player of the sport myself, I have to say that the naysayers […]


As my time at Brandeis draws ever more quickly to a close, a separation anxiety of sorts is finally starting to grip me. The odd thing about this is not so much my growing sentimentality, but rather the strange ways in which it seeps into my life. I have found myself feeling a pang of […]

Stanley Bergman wins Perlmutter Award for excellence in global leadership

Stanley Bergman, chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc., was awarded the 2013 Perlmutter Award for Excellence in Global Business Leadership on Tuesday. Since 1989, Bergman has been chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc., a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest provider of dental, medical and veterinary products and services to more than […]

Lavender Graduation honors LGBTQ students and allies

This past Thursday, members of the 2013 graduating class marched in the second annual Lavender Graduation to receive recognition for their numerous accomplishments while at Brandeis. However, this was not simply an early graduation exercise. Instead, Lavender Graduation was a way of celebrating LGBTQQIA students and their allies in an intimate, yet formal, environment. The […]

Helping those with mental illness

The objective of psychiatric institutions in the United States has changed dramatically during the last half-century due to overcrowding, economic burdens and human rights. This has had both positive and negative consequences on the mentally ill. I was recently able to experience the atmosphere of a psychiatric hospital as a patient and began to see […]

Re-examining relations between student body and union

Last month, I published an article criticizing the now non-existent Brandeis Hookups Facebook page. The people who ran Brandeis Hookups wrote a public response directly to me on their page the following week, and when I wrote a response to their comments on the wall, a heated debate ensued. One of the first comments on […]

Students showcase language skills

Even though many Brandeis students are overwhelmed with the hectic schedules that the end of the year bestow upon them, students who are in their second semester learning Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian and Russian seemed more than happy to present their projects this Thursday at the Multilingual Student Video Festival. Each of the students groups, […]

Rosen ready to work on ambitious agenda

Last Friday, the new Student Union was elected into office. Among the various positions vying for representatives, however, the most eagerly anticipated news was the results of the race for Student Union President. After a close race between three highly capable contenders, Ricky Rosen ’14, David Clements ’14 and Daniel Schwab ’14; Ricky Rosen was […]

Participation lacking in student democracy

It’s an exciting time for the Student Union as new and old candidates run to fill open seats and participate in their government. But it would be even more exciting if the student body took it seriously and more students voted in elections. With only 1,360 students voting in this week’s second round of elections, […]

Looking back on four Greek years

“I got you, brother!” exclaimed Matt as he gripped Eric by the waist. We were climbing up a steep, iced-over, 50-yard stream to the summit of Mount Mansfield, and Eric was wearing Nike sneakers. He had no traction. Matt, donning a sleek pair of Timberlands, straddled the four-foot wide luge track and found his footing […]