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February 2006 Issue

Letter to the Editor: Crown Center innumeracy: what counts?

Brandeis's Crown Center for Middle Eastern Studies and its resident fellow Khalil Shikaki have only just emerged the from media spotlight, where Shikaki was accused of being a terrorist facilitator and sympathizer. The Zionist Organization of America got Shikaki in its sights;

others defended him. Brandeis's response was that we're assumed innocent until proven guilty (good), and that anyone who has real evidence should fess up (true), and that we have complete faith in the American law enforcement system (I'm not so sure). The eerie reminiscence of this scenario to 1950s-era accusations of being a Communist or fellow traveller are lost on no one, to say nothing of the hesitancy of contemporary institutions to make false positive or negative identifications. (Don't forget that there really were Communists.)

Dual triumphs

In a heavily contested bout versus rival NYU, both the mens and womens fencing teams came out with 14-13 wins to capture the UAA championships. Never before in Brandeis history have the mens and womens teams both knocked off NYU.

The past has not been a blast for this observer

There is an episode of Friends where Joey is dating a girl he thinks hes slept with before. He recognizes things in the apartment, reconnects with his favorite painting on the wall, and even relives the feeling of stupidity after being pricked by touching a cactus plant.

Slavin’s NFL Forecast

The NFL season ended on Sunday night when the Pittsburgh Steelers won their first Super Bowl in 26 years. Future hall-of-famer Jerome Bettis retired after the victory, which was his first Super Bowl win after 13 years in the NFL.

Men have been road warriors as of late

Steve DeLucas 08 Sunday afternoon performances continue to outdo themselves. The trend continued last Sunday in Cleveland, where the Judges rode DeLucas 08 career high 35 to a 74-70 overtime triumph over Case Western Reserve.

On track for success

The Tufts Invitational was not the most important meet for the Judges this season, hence the underachieving performance from some of its members.

WBasketball split in recent road trip

When Brandeis crushed Emory at home back in January, Coach Simon told me after the game that at worst Brandeis could afford one more loss if they want to win the UAA. Their one loss is up.

This Week in Sports

Nomar Garciaparra will not play in the World Baseball Classic, citing that he needed spring training to work on first base.

Chemistry and Brandeis: hitting the double bonus

Like all writers, I face a certain challenge as I sit to write. First, welcome to my first-ever column in The Hoot, and my first-ever column in, well, anything. Thanks to the Opinions editor and the rest of The Hoot for this opportunity.
Oh, and in case you were wondering about the article title, I was watching college basketball tonight.

Super Bowl previews in desperate need of a sane change

As I sat down to watch Super Bowl XL, beer in hand, I, like most other Americans, couldnt help but wonder why ABC chose to name the most popular television event in history after a T-shirt size. And, like most other Americans, I soon figured out that it must have been some kind of underhanded bribe by Fruit of the Loom to promote its latest line of extra large underwear.