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February 2006 Issue

A Brandeis homecoming

Friends, this week let me tell you a little about my life. This is really a story about us all, and the wonder of that circle when it finally closes

Whether or not to Walk the Line

The series of strange and confusing events that lead me to Walk the Line this past weekend almost seem like seeing this movie was fated. If a few things had gone differently, I would have ended up in a theater with Good Night and Good Luck or Munich, but I landed in theater number fifteen with Johnny Cash.

That boy’s got “whoa”

Imagine the kind of pressure you put on yourself for that big midterm paper. Let that feeling sit in your stomach for weeks, months, and years on end rather than the few measly hours you take to crank out half a dozen pages. Now, instead of a midterm paper, imagine that you force yourself to place those countless years pouring your entire heart, soul, and being into a singular set of musical compositions totaling slightly over a dozen tracks. If that isnt bad enough, add the stress from outsiders praising you as the next Dylan, massive drug abuse, emotional instability, and each drama-tinged moment of your life being carefully scripted into a musical produced by Hedwig and the Angry Inch writer Stephen Trask. Toss in a number of stints in an asylum, a massive consumer culture built towards hating the very genre you live and breathe, and all of this culminating by the time you graduate college. For those of us attending this fine university, those pressures combined with the academic stress would usually produce incredibly horrific and depressing consequences. Max Bemis has managed to hoist up the mountain of pressure on his shoulders with the most beautiful, sincere, and emotionally satisfying rock opera since The Whos Tommy.

Sad state of affairs in world news

The publication of satirical cartoons of the prophet Mohammed have sparked a fury of international protests and violence. Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ignited the chaos by printing drawings that feature Mohammed wearing a turban shaped as a bomb. Islam forbids any illustrations of the prophet.

Letter to the Editor: Watch before writing

Young Mr. Adams:
You need to watch some Illinois basketball and not just read about it or listen to the East Coast Bias of ESPN before writing your articles. Yes, Dee Brown is the unadulterated leader of this team. However, the team probably would not by any means be an NIT team without him. Would they be a Number 6 in the country, NO.

Letter to the Editor: Campus political activism is meaningful and important

To the Editors and Readers of The Hoot,
I am writing in response to Kevin Montgomerys recent article entitled Self Aggrandizing Extremists Destroy the Campus Community to which I took great offense due to its insulting and inaccurate charges.

Letter to the Editor: Another day, another 50

Its hard to believe that the 5th annual Oxfam Collegiate Click Drive is nearly upon us. In four years, the program has raised over $100,000 to help people work their way out of dire poverty. The Click Drive works on the basis of microcredit small loans that enable poor individuals and communities to invest in a better future. While these small loans might not seem like much, they can put poor families back on their feet, enable children to stay in school rather than enter the workforce at a young age, and encourage the economic independence of women.

Editorial: SAF reform is the resonsibility of students, not administrators

Though the Student Unions new Student Activities Fee (SAF) proposal has provoked criticism from staff and students alike, the issue of SAF reform is still an important one that must be considered. Student leaders, as well as the student body and the administration, recognize the need for changes in how the SAF is disbursed.

CSF display vandalized

A Christian Bulletin Board in the Usdan Student Center was found to be vandalized on Jan. 30, according to Assistant Dean of Student Life Jamele Adams.

Archon funding questioned

Student Union leaders have been evaluating the funding of Archon, the Brandeis University yearbook, due to its failure to print its class of 2005 yearbook on time, according to Union officials.