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September 2009 Issue

Reinharz announces intention to resign

University President Jehuda Reinharz announced his intention to resign at an emergency meeting of the Board of Trustees yesterday evening. At the request of the Board of Trustees, Reinharz will remain as president of the university for the duration of the 2009-2010 academic year. Reinharz has also agreed to stay president through June 30, 2011, […]

Editorial: An apology from the editor

At 4:30 p.m. Thursday, the news editor of The Brandeis Hoot and the editor-in-chief of the Justice, were called into a meeting with a university official who informed them of University President Jehuda Reinharz’s decision to resign. They were informed that Reinharz would make his resignation official at midnight and that any information shared with […]

USPS dedicates stamp to Louis D. Brandeis

The Boston Post Master General unveiled the new Justice Louis D. Brandeis commemorative stamp to almost 200 people at a ceremony held yesterday afternoon in front of the statue of the university’s namesake. Present at the ceremony were Justice Brandeis’ three grandchildren Alice Brandeis Popkin, Walter Brandeis Raushenbush and Frank Brandeis Gilbert. Gilbert spoke at […]

Rose committee recommends museum stay open

University Provost Marty Krauss released a report from the Future of the Rose Committee on Tuesday recommending that the Rose Art Museum remain open and “take steps to reintegrate” the museum into the university. The report avoided the issue of whether or not the university should sell pieces of artwork from the museum in order […]

Activist works to defend lepers’ ‘human dignity’

Social activist Padma Venkataraman and daughter of former Indian president Ramaswamy Venkataraman promoted Rising Star Outreach, a program founded in order to help those afflicted with leprosy, in a talk at the Heller School Monday evening. She spoke at length about the many problems lepers have because of the side effects of leprosy and how […]

Univ. aims for carbon neutrality by 2050

The university unveiled its new climate action plan to ultimately achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 last week as part of its declared commitment to reducing Brandeis’ greenhouse gas emissions in both the short and long term. The new plan emphasizes both energy efficiency and changes in student behavior through education. It makes numerous proposals for […]

Hollender says companies need to be responsible, go green

The Co-Founder of an environmentally conscious corporation spoke about sustainable business yesterday afternoon in a lecture at the Shapiro Theater. Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder and Chief Inspired Protagonist of Seventh Generation, addressed issues of how to run an environmentally supportive business in an event sponsored by Brandies Net Impact. Speaking to an audience of all ages, […]

Editorial: Lessons from a presidency

Embattled university president Jehuda Reinharz issued his resignation yesterday at midnight, agreeing to stay on until June 2011 or until a replacement is found. Reinharz’s resignation comes as yet another unforeseen suprise in a what has been a long, tumultuous year for Brandeis. Through academic restructuring and financial woes, President Reinharz remained a central figure, […]

A republic, if you can understand it

About a month ago, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs tried a little experiment. It charged Strategic Vision, an internationally recognized research firm, with administering a acitizenship test to 1,000 Oklahoma public high school students in order to determine their levels of proficiency in civics. The students were given the same test that the US […]

Saving money on missle defense in Eastern Europe

When the White House publicly informed the Czech and Polish governments on Sept. 17 that the United States no longer planned to deploy a missile-defense system in those countries that had been approved during George W. Bush’s presidency, much was lost in translation. Although President Obama insisted last Thursday that America’s “clear and consistent focus” […]