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September 2009 Issue

Panic Room

It was the beginning of this year when the news first broke. Reports of a mystery virus killing hundreds in Mexico and spreading popped up on every channel. This is when the word “pandemic” appeared and suddenly the world was taken by storm. A flu mutation had developed which killed over five percent of those […]

Brandeis will stay on Red Alert list

One would think that with a title like Office of Student Rights and Advocacy, this newly reconstituted Student Union organization would be concerning itself with righting the many abuses of student rights and trust that I wrote about extensively a few weeks ago. Indeed, I naively wrote that the increased visibility of this organization was […]

Finally, a ten-year plan for Massachusetts

Although I have no idea where I’ll be in ten years, it comforts me to know that Massachusetts might—at least in terms of its energy use. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts may soon be on a very deliberate 10 year path, thanks in part to the work of Massachusetts Powershift (MAPS), a student led organization of […]

H1N1 absences lead to creative teaching methods

Dealing with the occasional sick student’s absence from class is no new phenomenon for many college professors, so much so we often don’t even give it a second thought. Fall arrives, bringing with it a plethora of itchy throats and runny noses, and soon sick students are fleeing the classroom like leaves falling off trees. […]

Men’s soccer defeats MIT 2-1, notches first win of the season

The Judges took out down the MIT Engineers 2-1 on Wednesday night and finally cracked into the win column. Before the game MIT had outscored their opponents 24-9 on the season. When Brandeis faced the same opponent last year they were defeated 5-0, so for Coach Coven this victory was exactly what his team needed. […]

Women’s soccer continues success at home, ties on the road

The women’s soccer team tied the Roger Williams University Hawks 0-0 after two overtimes last Thursday night, but defeated the Clark University Cougars 5-1 on Sunday at home. With the two games their overall record improves to 4-1-2 with an undefeated home record of 4-0 and an away record of 0-1-2. The win against Clark […]

Women’s volleyball splits week, beating Endicott but falling to Tufts

The Brandeis women’s volleyball team triumphed over the Endicott Gulls last Thursday night, but was unable to keep the momentum going and lost to the Tufts Jumbos on Tuesday. This was the second loss in ten days to the Jumbos who are now 7-1 on the season and on a seven game winning streak. The […]

Rethinking the American League Central Division

So last week I wrote about Phil Kessel possible leaving Boston, and now he is a Toronto Maple Leaf for the next five years. So I am going to see if I can do this again and write an article one week and see some results the next. But this time it will be about […]


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