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March 2008 Issue

P-cards cancelled after credit data stolen from Hannaford

Brandeis student organizations in possession of P-cards are currently dealing with the cancellation of all current P-cards. This comes in the wake of the hack into Hannaford supermarkets’ security systems, in which hackers obtained credit card information from cards used in New England and New York. The P-card is a credit card issued by the […]

Union devises plan for rollover funds

Union Treasurer Choon Woo Ha ’08 and President Shreeya Sinha ’09 will present a plan to address the problem of excess SAF money to the Union Senate Sunday. This fiscal year, there is approximately $170,000 of “unintentional rollover,” Ha explained in an e-mail message. Unintentional rollover, Ha explained, consists of F-board allocated money unspent by […]

Committee unveils Student Bill of Rights

Last Monday, the Brandeis Student Union unveiled its first draft of the Student Bill of Rights. With the new draft, students will be able to identify their rights and understand how to properly defend themselves in cases of disciplinary action. Since its inception at the beginning of the academic year, the Executive Committee on Student […]

Brandeis to participate in National Geographic Genographic Project

Beginning in April, Brandeis will participate in National Geographic’s Genographic Project. The Brandeis project, known as Brandeis Explores the Journey of Humankind, will allow students in select courses to trace their “migratory ancestry path,” explained doctoral student and the Brandeis project’s administrative coordinator Miranda Waggoner. According to a university press release, the Genographic Project, spearheaded […]

Editorial: Don’t abstain, know the campaign

With the exorbitant sums of money being spent on national campaigns in recent years, it is sometimes hard for voters to remember that their primary focus should not be on the flashiness of a candidate’s campaign, but rather on the candidate’s platform. Brandeis students should also keep this in mind when approaching the Student Union […]

Shopping for Truth: Keep Your Problems to Yourself

I’ve always felt a real sympathy for other people who run into unfortunate situations or tragedy; I think we all do. It takes this and a lot of empathy to put ourselves into someone else’s shoes and try to envision what they’re going through. It’s a daily task we all have to perform with the […]

Fighting with Pinpricks: The other war

Last week saw newly energized protests marking the fifth anniversary of the Iraqi War as well as a new wave of attacks indicating that the widely held illusion of “the surge’s” success is becoming less tenable every day. This, coupled with Iraq’s widely publicized 4000th American fatality this week, makes it easy to forget that […]

Book of Matthew: American propaganda: Fox News uncovered

In the past, I have voiced my displeasure with the mainstream media. I’m sure there are some who will disagree, but I feel that the actions and words of the media are some of the greatest threats to America. In high school, many of you were probably taught about a phenomenon called “yellow journalism,” the […]

The nakedness of the Senate

In recent weeks the Senate has notched two notable decisions under its belt. First, the Senate voted on whether it should pass or vote down a resolution wishing Israel a happy sixtieth birthday. Then, this past Sunday, the Senate chartered, without any discussion , a club called Students for Justice in Palestine. Students for Justice […]

Reverend Wright for President!

By now most politically conscious Americans are familiar with exactly three words by ‘Obama’s pastor’ Rev. Jeremiah Wright: “God damn America!” These words, uttered in the heat of a sermon decrying the social inequities in American society, have become the latest controversy in the presidential race. If the pastor of Obama’s church and his supposed […]