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Clinton promotes ‘citizen involvement’ at Brandeis

President Bill Clinton spoke to an audience of over 4,000 on Monday, as the first speaker for the Eli J. Segal ’64 Citizen Leadership program. Segal, who passed away in 2006, founded Americorps and worked as Clinton’s campaign chief of staff in 1992. “[Throughout] his all-too-short life, [Segal] used his genius at organizing…to help benefit […]

Residence Life considers subsidizing CA meal plans

A Department of Residence Life proposal outlining ideas to further compensate Community Advisors with meal plans was presented last Friday to administrators. Currently, according to Rich DeCapua, the Director of Residence Life, Brandeis is one of only a few schools in the area that does not offer incentive programs to become a CA beyond free […]

Union protests SE funding decision

The Student Union organized a protest on Thursday to express discontent with the administration’s acceptance of a proposal from Student Events, which would give them 17% of the Student Activities Fee with oversight from the Department of Student Activities. Union members and approximately 100 students gathered outside of the administration buildings shouting, “students united will […]

Student Union to draft Bill of Rights

The Brandeis Student Union has unveiled plans to draft a Student Bill of Rights, which will be a major union project during the Spring. “The Student Union ought to be defending student rights,” explained Director of Union Affairs Jason Gray ‘10, who initiated the plan along with Union Advocate Brian Paternostro ‘08. Paternostro could not […]

Participation drops with initial online evaluations

Only approximately 35 percent of the student body had filled out online course evaluations by Dec. 6, said sources from the Provost’s Office. The deadline to complete evaluations, which are used for teaching awards, tenure decisions, and the Course Evaluation Guide, is Dec. 12. “We’re basically pleased with where we’re at in this stage of […]

Editorial: Online evaluations looked better on paper

It is becoming painfully obvious that online course evaluations are not working. The plethora of e-mails, the tables at Usdan, and the offer of prizes have not been enough to entice students to take a few minutes in front of their computers. While it might have looked good on paper, there are a couple of […]

Book of Matthew: Politics as usual

There are not many politicians that have my respect, but former President Bill Clinton is one of the few. His Dec. 4th address, honoring Eli Segal, was quite possibly the most inspiring speech that I have heard in a long time. It served as a pleasant reminder that a president can be intelligent and articulate, […]

Letters to the Editor:

(In respose to “Student Events”) Dear Editor, It seems, in the last week or so, that our campus has been divided by the recent decision of the administration to set aside a portion of the Student Activities Fee for Student Events. Everywhere I turn, I am assaulted by propaganda and rhetoric – vague references to […]

Shopping for Truth: Winter Break: what to do?

This week, for my final opinions column of the semester, I decided to reflect on some ideas of what to do during Winter break. So, I’m sure most of you are like me in that you’re ready to collapse and do nothing for a few weeks. Ahh, wishful thinking! Knowing myself, though, I know I […]

One Tall Voice: Memoirs of a Conservative: Part Two

My first ever opinions article in The Hoot was written back in October 2006. The title of the piece was “Memoirs of a Conservative at Brandeis Part One” and the negative response I got from composing the article made me give up this line of writing altogether. Still, being a conservative at Brandeis has given […]