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December 2011 Issue

Former Brandeis pres struck and killed by car

Evelyn E. Handler, the first female president of Brandeis, who transformed the university’s life sciences and athletic programs, serving as a leader for women in higher education, died Dec. 23 after she was struck and killed by a car in Bedford, N.H. She was 78. Handler, who lived in Bow, N.H., was crossing at the […]

University criticized for medical testing

Brandeis is home to a large scientific research center, making strides in cancer, aging and circadian rhythms and, in order to comprehend these scientific systems, animals are often used in the research, a process that animal rights groups such as PETA oppose. Though the animal rights activists have named Brandeis as one of the country’s […]

Take steps to improve crosswalk safety

Another Brandeis student was transported to the hospital last month after getting hit while crossing South Street. Enough is enough. Brandeis and Waltham ought to implement new procedures to ensure student and driver safety. Last week, Police Chief Ed Callahan warned students via e-mail to use the designated crosswalk or pedestrian bridge when crossing South […]

Mourning the loss at Virginia Tech

We mourn the loss of Virginia Tech police officer Deriek W. Crouse, who died in a campus shooting on Thursday. Crouse joined the university police force in 2007 following the deadliest school shooting in our nation’s history. And now violence has claimed his life. Police officers place themselves in the line of duty to protect […]

The self-proclaimed holiday grinch

Now during the home stretch of this semester in a caffeine-induced delirium, I can’t help but laugh at all the ridiculous and commercialized holiday events to which I get to look forward over break. The more I think about these practices, the funnier they seem. Can anyone tell me what clogging my arteries with fried, […]

Reflections on a year in the trenches

Volume eight of The Brandeis Hoot doesn’t look like the other volumes. The paper itself is brighter, the dot gain finer, the text tighter and the masthead considerably longer. But one thing hasn’t changed: The Hoot’s mission as always is to strive to be a source of “deep, insightful, meaningful news coverage and commentary about […]

Security footage unavailable in Union theft

Treasurer Daniel Lee ’12 noticed more than $600 was missing from the Student Union safe last month. Now a lack or urgency in communication among Union officers, university officials and employees at a private security firm that monitors the Union’s video camera surveillance footage leaves a multitude of questions with few answers.

Tragedy strikes again at Virginia Tech

A university police officer and one other man died from gunshot wounds at Virginia Tech early Thursday afternoon, less than five years after the campus suffered the deadliest school shooting in the nation’s history. The April 2007 massacre that left 33 students dead sparked new debates at colleges across the country, including here at Brandeis, […]

Rosen delivers first Union address

President Herbie Rosen emphasized transparency, efficiency and reforms in financing and voting methods in his first State of the Union address Thursday evening, calling the State of the Union address a “town hall forum,” and urging students to voice their concerns at the open forum following the speech. More than 50 students and administrators attended […]

Admit rate climbs, more students on campus

Brandeis this year saw its acceptance rate increase and then matriculation rate yield of those accepted students fall compared to last year’s class, Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel announced at Thursday’s faculty meeting as part of the annual presentation on the statistics for the incoming class. The 39.99 percent acceptance rate […]