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September 2008 Issue

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Princeton professor wins first Joseph B. Gittler Prize

In a campus-wide e-mail sent Thursday, President Reinharz announced the first recipient of the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize, Princeton professor Kwame Anthony Appiah. The prize is supported by the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Endowed Fund. Appiah will receive his award Oct. 27. The $25,000 prize, according to Reinharz’s message, is awarded to […]

Attorney explains harassment laws

Attorney Daryl J. Lapp taught Brandeis faculty members about issues of anti-discrimination law at a faculty meeting in Golding yesterday. The talk, which was organized by Provost Marty Krauss comes almost one year after Prof. Donald Hindley (POL) was charged with violating the non-discrimination and harassment policy after having made allegedly racist remarks in his […]

State of university budget uncertain

The university budget is projected to be in deficit for the current fiscal year, according to a Sept. 19 e-mail sent out by Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe. In his e-mail to department chairs, Jaffe suggested that faculty members “husband [their] resources now” in case cuts are made. Executive Vice President and Chief […]

UJ petition rejected as final elections results come in

Wednesday night, Rosenthal Quad Senator candidate Stephen Robinson ’11 filed a case with the Union Judiciary (UJ) citing unfair advantages in his senate race. At a meeting Thursday night, the UJ decided not to grant cert to the petition, however the filing of the case is just one of many odd occurrences that characterize Tuesday’s […]

You say you want a revolution?

As “Brandeis University’s Community Newspaper,” The Hoot prides itself on serving not only as a source of on-campus news and features, but also as a forum where students can freely express their thoughts and views on everything from hooking up to the current political race to arguments against diversity. Our Impressions section has greatly expanded […]

Book of Matthew: Hold on to your votes!

I’ll be honest; this week, I had planed to join the ranks of, oh, just about every other columnist in the nation, and write about the US financial crisis. But when I was doing my research for the column, I realized a couple of things. First, I had to admit to myself that there was […]

Card politics: Playing your hand

Nobody can deny how truly groundbreaking this presidential election cycle has bee. In January of 2009 either the first African-American or the first woman will get sworn into the executive office for the first time in history. Unfortunately, for all the new walls that are crumbling down, some still want to hold those walls erect. […]