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September 2008 Issue

Don’t get mad, get more sanctions

News of Iran’s advancing nuclear development has been in the forefront of current events for several months. Many questions have been asked as to why so many object to Iran’s nuclear program: Why is the world so worried about Iran becoming a nuclear power? Isn’t the Iranian government capable of possessing such a strong weapon […]

SEA Change: Support MAPS, fight climate change

With the upcoming 2008 presidential election being less than two months away, Brandeis students are seeking ways to make sure that the next president and other politicians address the issues that matter most to them. With our climate facing increasing challenges and crises, the environment has become a forefront concern that students want addressed by […]

Shame on you!

Dear Reader, Shame on you. Yes, you. Why? Let’s put it this way, can you tell me what was happening on the great lawn on Wednesday between noon and four? No? That’s why. It was student event’s “Rock the Vote” event, as part of Citizenship Week. You know, the event where you were supposed to […]

One Tall Voice: Courting tyranny

I was going to write my article this week on the economic and rational reasons against gay marriage. After some thoughtful conversations with David Azer ’11, I found this position to be logically indefensible. But there is something that has ticked me off for quite a while, something in the political arena that I would […]

The Naomi Narrative: Ramblings on a train

I’m on a train from Budapest to Vienna, en route to the land of wiener schnitzel, apple strudel and cafés. I can escape my life as a student in Budapest but I can’t seem to escape my overactive brain. I wonder about trains. Are they a metaphor for life? The nomadic twenty-something traveler going through […]

Brandeis introduces Lerman-Neubauer Fellowship for class of 2012

Beginning with this year’s Freshman class, Brandeis will offer a Lerman-Neubauer Fellowship each summer to 12 accepted prospective students who have demonstrated academic excellence during high school. Funded by a generous donation by Jeanette Lerman, Neubauer ‘69- President of J.P. Lerman & Co., former Vice President of Communications for Time Warner, and the provider for […]

First-Years begin Brandeis with open minds

All high school students have pre-conceived notions about what university life will be like; the fears, the expectations, the stereotypes. But how is life at Brandeis really shaping up for the class of 2012 first-year? Having been at school for almost a month, first-years are now truly starting to get a sense of what it […]

Leap of faith: Brandeis sophomore holds off conversion to judaism upon arrival on campus

As a sophomore in high school, Emily Dunning assumed that she would convert to Judaism once she went to college. Since arriving at Brandeis University last year, however, Dunning, who is now a sophomore, has decided to postpone her plans for conversion. Dunning acknowledges that her delay may puzzle some because Brandeis has a large […]

New club aims to ease Brandeis Waltham tensions

The first meeting of the Advocates for Event Education and Police Instruction took place Monday in the Shapiro Multipurpose room. The club’s founder, Seth Shapiro ’09, opened the meeting by explaining the need for such an organization on campus. Commenting on the students arrested at Pachanga two weeks ago, Shapiro noted that relations between the […]

Kopp says education gap solvable

“Where you’re born in this country does affect your educational prospects,” Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp told a crowded room of students Monday night. Kopp, throughout her keynote address for Brandeis Citizenship Week, insisted that despite the dire reality of educational inequity in the United States, it is a problem that can be solved. […]