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February 2012 Issue

The Hoot predicts the Oscars

Best Picture Will win: “The Artist” Could win: “The Descendants” There’s little chance “The Artist” won’t win, as it has swept almost all the awards for which it has been nominated. It will become the second lowest-grossing Best Picture winner, which is unsurprising considering it’s a black-and-white silent film. Best Director Will win: Michel Hazanavicius, […]

View from the Top: Yael Katzwer

When I look back at my past three and a half years at Brandeis, a lot of things stand out. One thing that truly stands out to me is the differences I see between myself and a lot of my classmates. Often when I speak to people, they will tell me how all the way […]

Student misconduct rarely brings consequences

Official crime reporting at Brandeis highlights only a trace amount of severe misconduct in recent years, which the university routinely deals with internally, rarely referring incidents to outside law enforcement. “We’re like our own little city here,” Associate Dean of Student Life Maggie Balch said of Brandeis’ student conduct management. Crime itself is very rare […]

Brandeis singled out in new MBTA Advisory Board plan

Under a new “third” plan released Wednesday to bridge the MBTA’s budget gap and prevent service cuts, Brandeis students could be forced to dish out an annual $10 commuter rail fee while the university would be asked to make a payment of $50,000 to keep its name on the Brandeis/Roberts station. The three-member MBTA Advisory […]

Posse program supports student achievement

This academic year marks the 14th year that Brandeis University has worked with the Posse Foundation, which works with public high school students in urban areas that have great potential for academic achievement, founded in 1989 by Brandeis alumna Deborah Bial ’87. The Posse Foundation has joined up with 39 top colleges and universities in […]

Pests infest dorms, to students’ ire

In many residence halls across the campus, students have found themselves at odds with all manner of pests. They include but are by no means limited to spiders, flies, mice, beetles, cockroaches and the “East Bug.” East Bugs, otherwise known as house centipedes (scutigera coleoptrata), can most often be found on the first through fourth […]

Editorial: Applaud new MBTA proposal

Under mounting pressure for seeking large cuts in transport service, the MBTA has released a subsequent proposal with a range of alternatives to make up the budget shortfall. We applaud the attempt, which has steps that would be a great improvement to loss of service. The authority suggested a 50-cent surcharge on concert tickets, as […]

Coping with tragedy, one year later

One year after a student suicide rattled the Brandeis community, Feb. 15 holds a new meaning for Manny Zahonet ’14. On his birthday last year, Zahonet returned to his first-year residence hall to find district attorney investigators questioning students and chaplains escorting others to the Psychological Counseling Center in the early morning hours. For Zahonet, […]

Clayborne Carson accepts Gittler Prize

Professor Clayborne Carson of the African-American Studies Department at Stanford University came to Brandeis on Tuesday to receive the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize. The award, named in honor of the late sociology professor Joseph Gittler and his mother Toby Gittler, recognizes “outstanding and lasting scholarly contributions to racial, ethnic and/or religious relations” according […]

Housing policy puts Brandeis in small group

Gender-neutral housing is a recent addition to Brandeis but one that makes it rather unique among colleges, allowing for any students, regardless of gender, to share a dorm room on campus. “Brandeis saw an opportunity a few years ago to implement gender-neutral housing as one further step along our social justice journey. Over the years […]