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October 2010 Issue

Photo essay: Adagio Dancefest

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$22.5 mil Mandel Center officially opens

The Mandel Center for the Humanities held an official opening ceremony Tuesday as students, faculty, administrators and trustees gathered to celebrate the new $22.5 million building.   Morton Mandel discussed his pride for the building. He said that the center is meant to be “a hub of interaction and identity” and that he hopes it […]

Two arrested, 9 hospitalized from Pachanga chaos

Two university police officers were assaulted, nine students were transported to a hospital for alcohol intoxication and local towns suffered a shortage of ambulances last Saturday following a night of heavy drinking in dorms before the bi-annual Pachanga dance, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan said. Campus police arrested two students for assault and battery […]

Univ plans new schedule structure

The university is planning a package of academic changes that would alter the block schedule, hold more classes twice a week and make all classes begin on the hour. Classes on Tuesday afternoons would hold their second meetings Thursday instead of Friday under the plans, Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe said. The proposed […]

Green grade stagnant, alternate sustainability evaluations sought

Brandeis received a B this year on its annual sustainability report card from the Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) as university Sustainability Coordinator Janna Cohen-Rosenthal ’03 works to create a more effective way to evaluate the university’s sustainability. The university also received a B on last year’s Green Report Card, but for different reasons. This year, […]

BSF gets first proposals, winners to be announced before Thanksgiving

The Brandeis Sustainability Fund Board received its first proposals from individual and groups of students this week and held its first meeting reviewing the plans to use the new group’s $50,000 from the student activity fee to advance campus environmental efficiency and other goals. The board, which in addition to officials like the dean of […]

International judge talks dealth penalty

Judge Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, a court that judges war crimes and crimes against humanity from the Rwandan genocide spoke on his interpretation of the Constitutional laws and the Russian and global shift towards abolishing the death penalty. Prior to joining the Rwanda Tribunal, he was a long-time law professor […]

Students discuss Middle East in calm environment

Studet clubs participated in a discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict aimed to refine their own views to form a general consensus in an event sponsored by Hillel, and was led by the organization, “Constructive Conversations: About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” Students from four Israel-related clubs on campus, Jewish Voice for Peace, Brandeis Zionist Alliance, J-Street U […]

Salem: past and present

People in brightly colored costumes flooded the street. Vendors flaunted their wares for tourists to buy. Visitors posed smilingly for photographs. This, however, was not a circus or a county fair—it was Salem, Mass. A group of Brandeis American Studies students and professors visited Salem Sunday to see the sights and learn the history of […]

E-mail shocks, debauchery not so much

This Monday, students received a campus-wide e-mail from university President Jehuda Reinharz scolding the student body for its “disheartening” and “unnacceptable” conduct at Pachanga, a semesterly dance held by the International Club. Citing counterfeit wristbands, pulled fire alarms, assaults on police officers and widespread intoxication, Reinharz wrote, “we Wwill not tolerate this conduct and those […]