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October 2010 Issue

Letter to the Editor

During my three years at Brandeis, I have enjoyed following The Hoot’s coverage of political events on campus. Yet this week, I was thoroughly disappointed to find blatant pro-Zionist bias in articles on two important campus lectures: first in the article on Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Hedy Epstein and second, in the article […]

‘Last Comic Standing’ comedian has Brandeis brand of humor

“This woman said to me, do you want to get coffee or drinks? And I was like, coffee is a drink. I don’t want go out with someone who doesn’t know the set/subset relationship.” Such is the geeky, Brandeis brand of humor that Myq Kaplan brought to Levin Ballroom Tuesday night. Standing at 5’6,” wearing […]

Chatting with Myq Kaplan

After the show, Kaplan sat down with The Hoot to answer some questions. The Brandeis Hoot: What’s the story behind the “q”? Myq Kaplan: This was around the time Prince changed his name to a symbol and I was like, “That’s weird. I want to be weird.” And I went to an Arts camp in […]

The immaturity of the ‘Adult’ show

Brandeis Players’ production of “An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein” was funny, raunchy and immature. When I was in elementary school, I loved Silverstein’s poetry. “Where The Sidewalk Ends” and “A Light In the Attic” were touchstones that I would turn to whenever I was feeling gloomy and needed a laugh. So when I saw […]

The hidden dangers of public transportation

As a Bostonian gal, I love my Riverside Green T-line, Logan Airport, T-Bus and Amtrak (well, maybe not the last one) just as much as the next person. Like many others, the MBTA is my main means of transportation into Boston, Cambridge and everywhere. As much as these forms of public transportation are convenient, great […]

The influence of Bollywood

Professor Corey Creekmur from Iowa University came to Brandeis this Thursday, Oct. 28 as the first speaker in the 2009-2010 Soli Sorabjee Lecture series. This series approaches topics in South Asian studies from artistic and academic perspectives. The South Asian studies program started this series last academic year and it included three lectures, including one […]

Speaking from the heart

Last Thursday, Brandeis students were treated to a frank talk by Holocaust survivor and activist Hedy Epstein on her experience working for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a wispy, breathless tone, she related a story that Jewish audiences needed to hear: how a refugee of the Nazi Holocaust came to dedicate her life to […]

Hedy Epstein, You’re Not Helping

So I’ve had a week to stew after attending the Hedy Epstein event held last Thursday, and I’ve reached a conclusion. While I sympathize with what Students for Justice in Palestine and the Jewish Voice for Peace were trying to do, bringing Epstein to campus not only highlighted the divisions between us (Brandeis students) but […]

The Self Shelf: The Trial of Christine O’Donnell

The following column is a satirical piece in which major media and political figures are placed in an entirely imagined scenario—any resemblance to actual situations is purely intentional. * * * WASHINGTON D.C. (The Hoot) – Christine O’Donnell was arraigned on charges of witchcraft today at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The high court […]

Altered Consciousness: Two different narratives

Over the course of this midterm election cycle I have noticed the emergence of two very distinctive narratives—a Democratic one and a Republican one—framing the trajectory of the Obama presidency and its initiatives thus far. According to the Democratic narrative, President Barack Obama arrived in the White House with an unprecedented mandate for change. Indeed, […]