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Chatting with Myq Kaplan

Published: October 29, 2010
Section: Arts, Etc.

After the show, Kaplan sat down with The Hoot to answer some questions.

The Brandeis Hoot: What’s the story behind the “q”?

Myq Kaplan: This was around the time Prince changed his name to a symbol and I was like, “That’s weird. I want to be weird.” And I went to an Arts camp in Connecticut and it caught on there and I eventually officially changed it. It makes it easier for me to Google myself. I’m not sure but I think I’m the first “Myq” that shows up and not some wildlife photographer.

BH: Do you ever feel “not funny” but have to perform?

MK: I wouldn’t say there are times where I feel “not funny,” but there are times where I feel sick and don’t feel like performing. But performing creates adrenaline. If I have a show, I’ll do it. It’s an hour or two a night and it’s pretty fun work and I like what I do.

BH: What’s your favorite joke to tell?

MK: Usually, they’re my most recent jokes. I really like the “shrooms let you see into the future” and the “hot as balls” joke. It’s not like children where they’re all your favorite. I have notebooks where I write my jokes and, at the end of each notebook, I type them into my computer. I have this running document of about 300 pages, more nonjokes than working jokes.

BH: How was Brandeis?

MK: Brandeis good, says comedian.