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February 2014 Issue

Planned ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ riles students online

This Monday, a Facebook event titled “Brandeis Israel Apartheid Week” went viral. The event was created by Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine (BSJP) member Aya Abdelaziz ’16 and administered by several others. It came into existence with the purpose of being a headquarters for the titular series of events, which will begin next Monday […]

Brandeis releases five steps to alter crosswalk

In a continued effort to improve student safety and collaborate with the city of Waltham, Brandeis released a list of steps that will be taken in terms of crosswalk safety. A statement by Ellen de Graffenreid, senior vice president for communications, and Ed Callahan, director of public safety, was released to The Brandeis Hoot and […]

Fencers still strong in post-season

Though the regular fencing season is complete, the team continued to channel their strength for post-season meets at Mount Holyoke College and the University of Pennsylvania. At the New England Intercollegiate Fencing Conference on Feb. 22 hosted by Holyoke, Brandeis took home the trophy as the six-weapon champion, living up to last year’s victory. For […]

Univ should take preventative measures rather than wait for crisis

With the upcoming housing selection and the movement of the housing lottery online, Andrew Flagel, senior vice president for students and enrollment, has admitted that this is an improvement long overdue. “Brandeis is unusual in lacking a robust housing data system,” he said in an interview with The Hoot this week. Yes, Brandeis is outdated […]

F-Board announces funding for spring 2014

Brandeis boasts an active student campus, known for its clubs, extracurriculars and events. There are roughly 250 clubs varying in focus, including academic, service, sports, political activism, media and publications, arts and culture and spiritual and religious. Every semester, the Student Union’s Finance Board is in charge of allocating funding to these clubs, though not […]

Do students get frenzied over social justice?

Something I’ve seen waved around quite a bit since coming to Brandeis has been the potent hand of social justice. It’s undoubtedly righteous, a profoundly positive force on the world, broad enough to encompass such a large portion of what’s considered “good.” Yet it’s also vague enough to broker little potential for criticism when it’s […]

‘House of Cards’ continues to prove addicting

It’s nearly impossible to review the second season of “House of Cards” without spoilers, and if you’ve made it this long without being spoiled, I am thoroughly impressed. Nevertheless, I find it necessary to say that beyond this point, I will not withhold any information about the plot of “House of Cards.” When the writers […]

Without bias: Israeli discourse could benefit

There are a few key tips for surviving at Brandeis that most students pick up after a little while. For example, most students come to realize that staying on campus over February break and surviving only on the meager offerings of the dining halls is ill-advised—especially considering that Baan Thai will deliver right to your […]

Students give a “hand up” with Habitat for Humanity

For 10 Brandeis students, February break was not filled with TV marathons, warm beaches or sleeping all day. Instead, they spent their time serving others: giving them “a hand up, not a hand out,” in line with the motto of Habitat for Humanity. Members of the Brandeis chapter of Habitat for Humanity traveled to York, […]

Cubby holes promote disrespect to students

It seems a bit funny whenever I walk past the little cubbies outside the C-store, intended for shoppers to leave their bags so there is no chance of shoplifting. The last time I had a cubby was in kindergarten, and it was part of the daily routine to place your backpack there before starting the […]