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February 2013 Issue

Women’s basketball goes 2-1 in final stretch of season

The women’s basketball team brought their season to a close during the February break with two wins and one loss: the Judges beat the University of Chicago, vindicating a loss earlier in the season, and fell to Washington University in an emotional Senior Day on their home court the next day. Their final game at […]

Men’s Basketball suffers disappointing end to season

The men’s basketball team had a disappointing final week of games with losses to Washington University and New York University on Feb. 17 and Feb. 24. The Judges had beaten both teams last month but were not able to continue the hot streak to salvage an NCAA tournament berth. Brandeis lost 76-60 to the Washington […]

Baseball goes 2-4 on Florida road trip

As spring training began in the MLB, Brandeis’ baseball team also spent quality time in Florida. The Judges played six games last week in Central Florida as part of the Russ Matt Tournament, leaving with a record of 2-4. Brandeis faced a variety of competitors from the NCAA as well as the NAIA. Three of […]

When humor crosses the line

Like millions of other Americans, I watched the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Having been brought up in a family that placed “Entertainment Weekly” in the same magazine pile as “Time,” I grew up well-versed in movies and other popular culture along with the news of the day. Watching the Oscars is something of a […]

Slam dunk contest not an All-Star Weekend highlight

The NBA All-Star Weekend recently took place in Houston from Feb. 15-17. Some of the most anticipated events on Saturday included the Shooting Stars Competition, Skills Challenge, 3-Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. The Shooting Stars Competition involved three professional players (one current, one past NBA player and one WNBA player) shooting from a variety of […]

Emory President in trouble over column on Three-fifths Compromise

The President of Emory University, James Wagner, has recently been criticized for his column about the Three-fifths Compromise of the Constitution that counted slaves in the South as three-fifths of a person in determining how much Congressional power each state was apportioned. “Some might suggest that the constitutional compromise reached for the lowest common denominator—for […]

Facing high taxi fares, students organize their own rides

Unlike students of Boston schools, Brandeis students face the unique dilemma of finding transportation at odd hours. As Brandeis is not located on the T, students are forced to work around the limited operation hours of the Commuter Rail and shuttle busses. In addition, only a small portion of Brandeis students have cars on campus. […]

Alum Aaron Ritzenberg discusses his new book, The Sentimental Touch

Alum Aaron Ritzenberg, who graduated with his Ph.D. from Brandeis in 2006, claims, “I love to think about the way that literature responds to social change.” Ritzenberg has found a way to combine his love of English and history through examining these societal movements in his book “The Sentimental Touch: The Language of Feeling in […]

Signs of liberal hope in Obama’s speeches

A little less than two weeks ago, President Obama gave his State of the Union address, 24 days after being sworn in for a second term. This annual, constitutionally-mandated event, once again affords us the opportunity to reflect upon not only what we Americans have thought of the term that had recently ended, but also […]

Professor portrays one of America’s favorite presidents

Professor John Burt’s (ENG) recently published book “Lincoln’s Tragic Pragmatism” is garnering great critical acclaim—a high honor given that Burt wasn’t sure it would be published in his lifetime. “I had to say, I never really thought I was going to finish it, never mind that it would make such a splash,” Burt said. Yet, […]