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August 2009 Issue

Rose benefactors sue university

Three benefactors of the Rose Art Museum filed a law suit on Jul. 27 to prevent Brandeis University from closing the museum, selling any part of its 7,183 piece collection or using any part of its endowment for other purposes. The suit, filed by benefactors Jonathan Lee, Lois Foster and Meryl Rose, has been called […]

Outside attorney takes harsher tone on Rose Art

The university’s approach towards opponents of its reconfiguration of the Rose Art Museum has taken a turn from conciliatory to combative, most recently marked by the hiring of former Massachusetts State Attorney General Tom Reilly to serve as outside legal council in a lawsuit filled by three Rose Art Museum benefactors against the university. After […]

FY2010 budget balanced, fundraising money to be used toward financial aid

Brandeis University’s Department of Development and Alumni Relations secured $78.3 million in cash gifts in the 2009 fiscal year. The money will be used primarily to help students in need of financial aid, and also helped produce a balanced university budget for fiscal year 2010. Of the $78.3 million, $11.6 million were given as unrestricted […]

Univ. settles Kalman suit

Brandeis University officials have reached a settlement with Sumner Kalman, who sued the university last May because it intended to demolish the 53-year-old science building named after his great uncle, Julius Kalman. Sumner Kalman’s suit was dismissed in Suffolk County Probate Court on Wednesday after an agreement was reached between the two parties. Brandeis will […]

2009: A Rose Recap

EDITORIAL: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Over the course of one summer, Brandeis has managed to be sued by two different sets of donors. The Rose Art Museum lawsuit is still pending but thankfully a suit filed by Sumner Kalman, great nephew of a Brandeis donor and building namesake, has been settled. His great uncle Julius Kalman donated his residuary estate […]

EDITORIAL: Campus facelift good for the collective soul

This fall returning students were greeted with a surprise. Instead of a bottomless pit where the old admissions building once stood, there is now a near completed building. Many thought the new admissions building was a waste of money, though the university could not use the funds for any other purpose. And while Carl and […]

The cartoons that shook the publisher

The infirmity of free speech became abundantly clear when Prof. Jytte Klausen (POL) became the latest victim of the politically correct assault on academic freedom and discourse. Klausen is a leading expert on the growing Islamic population in Europe, and her latest book, “The Cartoons That Shook the World,” focuses on the Muhammad cartoon controversy—arguing […]

Health care reform is a bipartisan shipwreck

I worry about the future of bipartisanship in America. If our republic was perfect, no bill would become law without undergoing a rigorous process including, but not limited to, extensive research and rational, intelligent discourse on the part of our elected officials. From the introduction to the final floor vote, lawmakers would work together to […]